Like Minecraft, But With Laws

Like Minecraft, But With Laws

ECO looks like the 1,543rd (and counting) Minecraft clone. But it's actually a multiplayer survival game where players form a community, vote on laws, balance a living ecosystem and try to avert a looming apocalypse.

If players survive, good for them! If they don't, the server is perma-killed and that world is dead forever. No pressure.

You can check out more at the game's Greenlight page.


    Would be nice if they threw spanner in the works, and made a second objective where one person (or a small minority) can win by screwing over everyone else...

      So, a politician then ?

        I'll send a link to Tony Abbott, He'll find a way to screw everyone over.

    No thanks, although I'm pretty sure that there will be no shortage of griefers regardless of whether it is included in the game as a formal 'objective', or not.

    Tbh. I'm still waiting for a game that's like this. Like.. hunting, farming, building, scavenging & excetra. But have the game be in a Post-Apocalyptic world where there's things like.. Zombies & stuff.

    I'd much prefer this, If like.. your character couldn't just walk into a group of zombies & kill them all, like you see in most games, but like.. IF you get bitten, then all your work is for neil, since you'll die.

    It'd be awesome, If this was in a realistic setting like.. New York or.. ya'know.. Anyway.. this's just me ranting on. Best wishes.

    will it have a console release?

      Haha, no.

        This is the reply I got from email the Dev's about it.

        "Not currently planned, but it if gets big enough we will."

          I hope it goes well for them, but both console's certification requirements (ie: hoops) that every video game has to go through pre-release and pre-update, is financially crippling for indie developers. This is why so many PC indie games don't go to console, except for the lone few that make a lot of money on PC first (which is subsequently used to get it on console).

            They should make it easier for indie devs for consoles! minecraft was a big seller on console all 4 of my kids play it on console just seems like the type of game that would do well rather then some other games we see coming to console.

      Doesn't look like it'd need a beast of a computer to run anyway, though.

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