Look At This Mario Box Art

Look At This Mario Box Art

Just look at it. It's almost perfect. This is Mario Maker's packaging, and everything about it excels. The logo, the colours, the Bob The Builder x Mario mashup.

But wait, there's more! That's just the outside! Inside the box is a small hardcover book that's full of weird Mario level images, intended to inspire you into creating some truly weird/brutal shit.

Look At This Mario Box Art

But wait, there's more! At least if you're in Europe. For whatever reason the PAL edition of the game comes with a different type of box art on the game case itself, and it too is wonderful.

Look At This Mario Box Art

Nicely done, Nintendo.


    I'm calling it now, Kotaku will run an article about how people are using this to draw dicks. Probably written by Patricia.

      Also entirely sourced from reddit.

        But not credited of course. And no link to the original source.

        Last edited 18/06/15 8:37 am

    So it's a special edition without the "special edition" subtitle hanging off of it, then. Me like.

      The regular edition is special. Everyone wins!

    Mario's stance on the box reminds me of Fix-It-Felix quite a bit.

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