Man Of Action Entertainment Will Produce Animated Mega Man Series

Briefly: Man of Action Entertainment will produce an animated Mega Man series, reports Deadline. They have worked on Ben 10, Marvel's Ultimate Spiderman, and other cartoons. Deals like this are made all the time and never happen, but, hey, Mega Man makes sense for a cartoon.


    The old Mega Man cartoon is solid gold. This new incarnation should be interesting...

    I always love to watch online Animated Mega Man Series on YouTube and found some more animated clips on following site.

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    if they make this so it has a long arching story over the course of a season I would love it. Give it a chance to really explore the Mega Man universe. If it is simply a half hour commercial designed to be tossed together for a quick buck then it sucks to be us.

    To be fair I did enjoy Ben 10 and Ultimate Spiderman, so I have high hopes.

    If it was based off the Mega Man Archie comics series, then that'd be awesome.

    Minus that weird era where he meets Sonic...

      What about that weird era where he teamed up with Simon Belmont and fought Mother Brain and King Hippo?

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