Mortal Kombat X Has New Gruesome Brutalities

Mortal Kombat X Has New Gruesome Brutalities

Thanks to a recent Mortal Kombat X update we now have a few more options when it comes to finishing a match as savagely as possible.

Up above for example we’ve got the new brutality available in the Quan Chi Fortress level, demoed here by Christopher Thimm:

Hammer time!

Then you’ve got the new brutality on the Kove stage, as performed by Bruno Guedes:

Lotta bodies in that water.

And finally, there’s a new finisher on the Kuatan Jungle stage, as C88 MiZxFiT shows us here:


While none of these match the awesomeness of the old lady brutality, it’s nice that the developers are still adding cool new touches to the game after launch.


  • That’s so weird that we’re getting this for free. Especially from WB, you’d think they’d charge us for these bonuses.

  • Swoit, free stuff is free stuff 🙂 might actually get me playing it again… for a little while at least lol

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