Mortal Kombat X Has New Gruesome Brutalities

Mortal Kombat X Has New Gruesome Brutalities

Thanks to a recent Mortal Kombat X update we now have a few more options when it comes to finishing a match as savagely as possible.

Up above for example we've got the new brutality available in the Quan Chi Fortress level, demoed here by Christopher Thimm:

Hammer time!

Then you've got the new brutality on the Kove stage, as performed by Bruno Guedes:

Lotta bodies in that water.

And finally, there's a new finisher on the Kuatan Jungle stage, as C88 MiZxFiT shows us here:


While none of these match the awesomeness of the old lady brutality, it's nice that the developers are still adding cool new touches to the game after launch.


    That's so weird that we're getting this for free. Especially from WB, you'd think they'd charge us for these bonuses.

    Swoit, free stuff is free stuff :) might actually get me playing it again... for a little while at least lol

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