Mother Coming To Wii U As Earthbound Beginnings

Mother Coming To Wii U As Earthbound Beginnings

Holy shit. Nintendo just announced that the first Mother game is coming to the U.S. for the first time — on the Wii U’s Virtual Console, as Earthbound Beginnings. And it’s out today.


  • …coming to the U.S. …They really should just replace the header image with Uncle Sam thumbing his nose at us.

    • it might be just an American article where America only knows of America.
      Vooks implies it is coming to multiple regions (hopefully ours) and the video they attached is from the UK.

      • Ah, you’re right, other articles do say EU as well although there’s nothing about it on the Australian Classification site so I guess I should with-hold any excitement until I can check the Wii U marketplace tonight.

  • While I can see why some people are excited, it’s sort of sad that the re-release of a twenty year old game now comprises big news for Nintendo.

    To be fair, the re-release of Final Fantasy VII was also big news (albeit something of a dud).

    • This is only big news to the middle aged hardcore fans, it’s small potatoes compared to plenty of other stuff Nintendo has done this year. They’re hardly scraping by on earthbound.

      And it’s not as if the other publishers arent doing far worse than this. How many remakes of last gen games does Sony need? How many times can capcom re-release GameCube games? Just who is left working at konami?!

  • I am yet to check if the game is on the Australian e- Shop, but if it isn’t just change your residency settings to the UK and you should be able to get it from there. I had to make a new Mii character with UK settings because they have about twice as much content as us.

  • Holy shit! Let me rush out and buy a WiiU so I can spend $6+ on a 20 year old game that I can play for free on my phone.

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