Netflix Is About To Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC And Fox

Netflix Is About to Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox

Well, we saw this coming: The explosive, cord-cutting popularity of Netflix will finally torch the laurels of traditional broadcast television networks. Analysts predict that if Netflix were measured as a 24-hour station by Nielsen, it would have more viewers than ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox within the year.

There is some fine print to that bold-faced news. The prediction comes from analysis by Wall Street research firm FBR Capital Markets and depend on Nielsen's high specific form of ratings. Variety explains why this is relevant:

Nielsen TV ratings cover, at most, up to seven days of VOD and DVR viewing — and exclude online-video views, which networks say are an increasing part of the pie. Moreover, TV networks provide a different blend of content, such as live sports, that Netflix doesn't.

But still! The idea that Netflix is the network just got a lot more convincing. We already knew that the streaming video (slash DVD-by-mail) company was gobbling up about a third of all traffic on the internet. Now we know that the Big Red Giant is even closer to total world domination than we thought.



    Had it since it released here in NZ and still love it and still happy to keep it for the foreseeable.

    It's the only service I use. Nothing beats it.

    It's a almost unlimited service that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to use...

    Seems about right it should be taking over the world.

    netflix got it right, and it cut my piracy rates in half

      I'd say mine is down 99%... when people get over the fact that realistically any show doesn't need to be seen immediately as it's released, the easier it is to find happiness in the world again.

        Aye this, once I had a library of entertainment I could access piracy which is a lot more time consuming become a whole lot less attractive.

        My question is and always has been why did streaming services wait for Netflix to come to AU before branching into that market space?

          Because the other streaming services are Channel 9 and Foxtel and they had no interest in creating anything to compete with their advertising platforms until they were forced to.

            that, also australia sucks for streaming internet services...i blame telstra for this situation. stupid data caps!!

            Aye basically watch out for the bottom line before looking out for your consumers. And then complain about piracy when your consumers watch out for their bottom line. Good stuff.

            I don't care if their streaming services even reach a level equivalent or greater than netflix, I'm not switching over on principal.

        There was only one show I considered worth pirating once I had Netflix, and that was Game of Thrones. Thankfully my father-in-law has a Foxtel subscription and gets three Foxtel Go codes for tablets - of which he was using none, so my wife and I can now access it via iPad. It's not an ideal solution, I'd be perfectly happy to pay for the season to own and stream via iTunes/Apple TV, but Foxtel doesn't allow it. I intend to (for the foreseeable future) buy the seasons on blu-ray, but I don't want to wait an additional 11 months to watch each season.

        So, my piracy is NIL.

        Not that I ever pirated anything to begin with, of course.

        Last edited 29/06/15 1:37 pm

          At least GoT appears on iTunes the instant the whole season has finished on Suxtel, so with only 10 episodes it's just a 10 week wait before you can legitimately buy them all and binge on them. That's good enough for me because I'm not a diehard fan so I can wait.

          Now it's just The Walking Dead that I need to find a fast-ish way of watching legitimately.

          There should be HBO Now opening up to no ios users soon. Then we can sub month to month and get the show the second it comes out straight from HBO.

        It's not about immediacy for me but the fact that I do 99% of my watching on the train given my round-trip commute to work is 2 1/2 hours. And the state of our mobile network is still pretty bad with no reception for large chunks of that journey.
        And unfortunately Netflix has pretty consistently said they won't do offline viewing.

        yea I'm so far behind on any tv show, and most movies, so my piracy is limited to Game Of Thrones and try before buy video games

          I think that's exactly what steam refunds is trying to compete with. By offering refunds there is no reason to download the pirated version now. Purchase and if it doesn't live up to your expectations refund it, generally you can gauge that in the 2 hours played.

          It's a step in the right direction but it still could be improved - 2 hours just isn't enough to properly gauge some games. It also might lead to lopsided development where the first couple of hours has an extraordinary amount of work done but then drops off in quality right after.

            refunds can take abit and im not a rich man, and that 2 hours is not enough, plus, waste for broken game

      I'm not sure if downloading fan subbed anime is piracy but that is the only left I do. Except game of thrones of course. For the watch!

        Fansubs are piracy, there's no mistake about that. People have argued in the past that as there is no local license for many shows yet it falls in a grey area and is legal as long as you delete the fansubs when a local license release becomes available, but that's simply not true.

      Yeah apart from some movies I rarely pirate anymore. I found I tend to watch lots of new shows instead of worrying about the latest season of something (that happens to not be on netflix).

      My wife and I were just laughing about how tedious pirating was now, and much slower.

    Netflix is essentially the only TV I watch now, maybe with the odd blu-ray thrown in.

    I got told about this at the weekend too: It's a great site for finding things on Netflix you might have missed.

    I have to say, I'm liking this shift in viewpoint toward piracy. I too am similar. Pirated my life away for years and years. It was tedious. Now I don't. Now I have Netflix, and use the catch up services free-to-air TV makes available, and I am pretty content with that. I even have an Adobe CreativeCloud subscription instead of pirating that software like I had for 15 years. But its good to see people are changing for the better - and being ok with it.

    Dear Netflix, this is justification to add lots more AU content , Thanks!
    (My kids now choose it over Youtube)

    I don't believe I have pirated a single thing since switching to Netflix (not that I ever have of course), It is worth noting I do also have Foxtel which certainly helps because I've already got the latest ep of GoT/Walking dead/Suits etc available to me, but the longer I have Netflix the more resentment I have towards Foxtel, I pay them an awful lot of money for 3 or 4 TV shows, a few football games per week and about 5 different motorsport championships.

    Only thing I don't like about Netflix is how far behind the latest seasons they are. For eg only the first 3 seasons of Suits even though S05 just started, no Season 03 of Vikings or Orphan black, there are plenty of examples but it does seem they are running 18 months or so behind and that does kinda sick and lead to thoughts of Bittorrent

      SBS were showing Orphan Black Season 3 on SBS2 on Tuesday nights and it was available OnDemand from Sunday nights I believe through their website or app.
      That's how I watched the entire season.

      Since both shows that you mentioned just recently finished S3, I'm guessing Netflix will eventually get them. But typically it takes a number of months before the "latest" season shows up.

      edit: My only gripe with SBS OnDemand is that episodes expire after 10 days or so. So they don't have the entire season available at any one time. Only a couple of episodes.
      Come to think of it, I think they had Vikings S3 OnDemand too as it was coming out.

      Last edited 29/06/15 2:42 pm

        I knew SBS had Vikings, didn't realise they also have OB, but yeah the on demand timeframe is no good if like me, you only just finished watching those 2 shows, I can't go back and catch up now. I wish Netflix would display an available date for the upcoming seasons, but they do seem to run 12-18 months behind for a lot of shows.
        Not saying this will necessarily drive me to board the Pirate boat, but if you don't jump into shows early on (or find out about them early on), it's catching up to where your friends are that encourages pirating the most. Especially if for example, you are able to watch up-to-date Suits S05 live on Foxtel, you watched Season 01-03 on Netflix, how do you watch S04 to catch up before latest shows air?

      If foxtel did a "Presto sports" or a streaming service that had the games live (or delayed max a couple of mins), I'd happily pay $15-$25 a month during footy season. Cut the fat to their channels that I would never watch. They may even keep me during the off season if there were other sports I wouldn't mind watching.

      As for Got, most of the stuff I watch "as it airs" can be seen on HBO Now.

      Last edited 29/06/15 6:48 pm

    Now for the last hurdle of abandoning the idea of segregating regions. C'mon rights-holders, 2015, global digital marketplace. Get to accepting reality already.

    Had it since day one and never looked back. Bye bye Foxtel

    +1 for everything you've all said above.

    Got rid of Foxtel after EPL / A-League season finished and solely dine on Netflix at our house. Of course the never ending battle with the wife for the limited bandwith continues.......................

    GoT was the only time I turned to the dark side for assistance. Great executive decision HBO Now for not wanting my $15 monthly *Fallout guy thumb up!*. I tried. Yarrr.

    See what happens when you change with your customer instead of trying to fight change!

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