New Trailer For Firewatch

Video: We haven't seen much of Firewatch, Campo Santo's first-person adventure game. So new trailers are always welcome. (Note: this game is also coming for the PC)


    Melee weapons confirmed!
    Turtle companions!!
    Young teen girls!!!
    Where do I pre-order!?!?!

    Plot twist: The lady isn't real.

      the lady is the one in your tower.

        Reading into it way too much, but bits like "the isolation gets to people" feels like it's about his schizophrenic episodes.

        "I don't talk to the other lookouts as much as I talk to you, not in the same way." Like that's his voice inside his head that sometimes comes out.

        Then she says "you're probably the last person to have seen them [2 missing women]" which almost implies that he's the one that killed them.

    This is the game I'm most interested in so far. Looks like a really cool idea, nice setting. Plenty of exploration and I'm a sucker for that

    I like the graphics. Their website is pretty slick as well. - you're welcome.

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