Neymar Scores The PES 2016 Cover

Neymar has been announced as the cover athlete for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, sporting the bright yellow of his Brazil jersey, along with the news comes a sweaty new trailer.

With Neymar on the PES cover, and Messi likely to take the FIFA cover again (alongside whichever local athlete is selected for each region), that makes a video game South American duopoly of Barcelona forwards.

Although the Catalans are a little less enamoured with Neymar than Suarez, the fact is that he's scored more goals this season than you'd think:

As for his performances in the yellow shirt, well, he's the only Big Brazilian Super Star they have. He should be celebrated, even if Brazil really needs to stop relying on on individual brilliance.

Here's the trailer, which focuses a little more on PES-playing regions, and features Totti taking a selfie:

Last year's PES was decent. The AI on its through balls felt brilliant, and it's great to have players that run towards the ball, and want the ball, instead of just waiting for it to be stolen. It doesn't have the animations of FIFA, but given FIFA's odd prioritisation of useless eye candy last year, it's worth keeping an eye on PES.


    i hope they they make the PC visuals on par with ps4. PES2015 on PC looks so bad compared to PS4.

    Did anyone else see how steamed Ney was in la copa america match vs peru today?

    Wow that cover is terrible. Does the designer even know how light works?

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