Nintendo Visits Jim Henson Studios, Is Just The Cutest Thing

Nintendo Visits Jim Henson Studios, Is Just The Cutest Thing

It's a damn shame this dream collaboration had to go down for a simple marketing stunt. Something more substantial between these two companies would have been the best.

Anyway, to show how this E3 stuff was put together, Nintendo went and shot some behind the scenes and interview footage, most of it starring Shigeru Miyamoto and Brian Henson.

It's been a few weeks since this happened, and I still don't quite believe it happened. Look at these guys! Together! Kermit is so amazed he can't keep his shit together, not even for a second.


    Kermit will play Slippy in "The Muppets do star fox".

      well few things would make me happier than Kermit telling me to do a barrel roll, they would have to change the game to Star Frog, which would be awesome

    just imagine a kingdom hearts type game between Nintendo and Jim Henson Studios!!!!

    Miyamoto-San looks like a kid in a candy store during the backstage tour shots... As anyone should look when visiting Muppet Studios, and has a muppet of themselves made.

    Haha, they're both gigantic gushing fanboys of each other.

    They should totally have all the cut scenes done with those puppets. If you don't want it in the main game, maybe after you beat it, it unlocks them for the next playthrough or something. It would be amazing.

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