Now You Can Play Gwent Without All That Witching

Now You Can Play Gwent Without All That Witching

The only problem with the addictive card game CD Projekt Red included in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all the witching one has to do to play it. Thanks to a mod for Tabletop Simulator, the witching is now optional.

Now I don't really mind hopping into The Witcher 3 to get my Gwent on, but as with any enjoyable card-based mini-game (Final Fantasy's Triple Triad comes to mind), having a quick and easy way to play is always nice. Until CD Projekt Red releases a standalone version of tablet and PC, [MeoW] »Mr.RiZZaH«'s Steam Workshop mod for Tabletop Simulator (via Owen Good at Polygon) is the next best thing.

You'll need a friend to play with — there is no AI to battle — but that's really the best way, isn't it?


    This is a really fun game. CDPR should pounce on its success and make a small stand alone game for it. The ultimate would be being able to play other people online... It could even use w3 saves to check for cards you have collected.

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