Now You Can Play Splatoon In Minecraft

Now You Can Play Splatoon In Minecraft

Intrigued by Nintendo's competitive online multiplayer painting game but don't own a Wii U? Thanks to the magic of mods, anyone with a PC and a copy of Minecraft can enjoy a fairly accurate Splatoon experience.

Minecraft modder Sethbling (via Polygon's Owen Good) doesn't have access to a Wii U himself, so he tagged in some friends to help him recreate Splatoon's competitive painting in Minecraft, and the results are pretty spectacular. Two teams of up to four players take their pick of three different weapons and paint the town their assigned colour. While shooting, they are kids. When the ammo runs low, they can become squids. One moment kids, the next — squids.

Check out the video below to see the game in action. It looks like amazing fun.


    Looks okay - until you play Splatoon, and then it looks terrible.

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