Off Topic: Best Stand Up Comedy

Today, since Game of Thrones is finished and we have literally nothing to talk about, let's talk about our favourite stand-up comedy.

I've always enjoyed watching stand-up comedy specials, and I would like some recommendations. This is pretty much the main reason why I'm doing this, so don't let me down!

Some of the stand-up I've really liked in the past...

Chris Rock Louis CK Billy Connolly Frankie Boyle Kevin Bridges. Dave Chappelle

There's actually a helluva lot of stand-up comedy on Netflix right now, which is partly why I made this post. Anyone got any recommendations?


    Other than Louis C.K, Bill Burr is one of my favourite comedians working today. He is smart and so angry all the time. His podcast is also VERY enjoyable. Check out his "I am sorry you feel that way" special on AU Netflix.

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      Totally agree. Bill Burr sure is some entertaining angry.

      Yep, I clicked just to mention Bill Burr.

      This guy reminds me of Denis Leary - another awesome stand-up comedian.

        I think your confusing Denis Leary with Bill Hicks

          Nope - Definitely Denis Leary.

            If you are in fact a fan of him then you really should check out the other comedians mentioned above.

            Bill Hicks talking about Dennis Leary: "I have a scoop for you. I stole his act. I camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, I did it before he did.”
            Louis CK on Dennis Leary: "F***ing talentless c**t."

            Edit: Also, have a listen to where that Louis CK quote came from and his claims about Leary's "I'm an asshole" song.

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      Bill Burr hands down :D

    Lewis Black - Black On Broadway is pretty awesome. Haven't seen much of his other stuff.
    There is this Fluffy guy on Netflix who isn't bad either.

    Lewis Black, Ross Noble and Jim Jeffries are some of my favourites.

      Yup, i'll put in a +1 for Jim Jeffries, bloody hilarious!

        But really, really, really innapropriate.

        My mum and sister refuse to watch his stuff, but I and my brother in law love it.

          Agreed, not for the parents/grandparents, that is for dam sure. My GF loves it though lol

    Bill Hicks

      Failing that:

      George Carlin
      Robin Williams
      Chris Rock
      Eddie Murphy

      I actually found Ricky Gervais stand up to be pretty funny too

        RIcky Gervais first couple of dvds were good (even if the best jokes were all from his radio shows which are the best things he's ever done) but his last dvd was terrible. He just came across as arrogant and spent half the show whining about his fans being losers and how happy he is that he isn't fat (he still is chubby) any more.

          Yeah, as he's gotten more famous I've found him less and less funny.
          It used to be himself he poked fun at or his life & now he sits behind his desk wearing designer sunglasses poking fun at other people's expense.

          It's almost cruel instead of funny.

          It's a shame because I used to enjoy his work.

            totally agree, he always had the smug side too but it was counter balanced by when he'd joke about himself and he seemed more genuine. I guess it's hard to stay grounded when you make as much money as he has.

            Gervais got you there - those setups are also satirical :)

              If he's do I g it on purpose, then it's worse. I don't find him funny anymore


                  Man, autocorrect mangled 'doing' there, I wonder what I actually typed

          I've only ever seen his stand up bit in GTA IV - it wasn't funny which is really noticeable in a game like GTA


        This is the only Rowan Atkinson stand up I've ever seen, it's fairly old, but it's pretty damn funny.

          If that includes the teacher in front of class, so good!

            Yeah, it does. It starts at about 59:20.

            Loved that one, one of my other favourite sketches from that routine is the Indian restaurant.

    Patton Oswalt is one of my faves. Also really loved Harris Wittels (RIP).

    Aziz Ansari is great

      Really? I thought his standup on Netflix was pretty average... and I love AA.

        I found myself laughing along to the whole thing, but i guess diffrnt Strokes

          Same here, I really enjoyed those specials on Netflix. Makes me want to buy his new book now!

    Everyone is saying all the people I like.

    So i will let you know who I can't stand.
    - Tim Minchin (WEAR SOME F***ING SHOES, DUDE!)
    - Jerry Seinfeld (What's with your "what's with" jokes that aren't funny, JERRY!)
    - Kitty Flannigan - It was cute when you started - but now you are just so lame and overdone it's insane... It's always the same stuff...

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      I don't think Iv'e ever laughed at Jerry's standup on seinfeld, always thought he was just constantly trying to make the obvious funny.

    Oh God, there's just so many.

    Just off the top of my head, (in no particular order)
    Billy Connolly
    Robin Williams (RIP)
    Richard Pryor (RIP)
    Bernie Mac (RIP)
    Eddie Murphy
    Chris Rock
    Russell Peters
    Anh Do's pretty good too

      How did I forget Richard Pryor, he's so good!

    If you like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle then check out Eddie Murphy (early stuff) that guy is a laugh (pretty racist in some areas, but that's 80's/90's for ya).

      Definitely not for the easily offended, but Raw and Delirious are funny as fuck.

        Ha ha yup, good thing I am far from easily offended.

          Yeah there's some guy whose got a special on Netflix who wishes he was Eddie Murphy but he's nowhere near!

          Also if you like incredibly offensive stand up Ralphie May is your guy

    Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive had me and my gf in tears. It's on Netflix.

    Other than that I like Ricky Gervais, Bill Bailey, Jim Jeffries, Lee Evans, Peter Kay, Michael McIntyre.

    Bill Engvall
    Eddie Griffin
    Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias <---- A top 5, must watch comic
    George Carlin
    John Pinette
    Katt Williams
    Lewis Black
    Margaret Cho
    Comedy Central Roasts - Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, Bob Saget, Joan Rivers & David Hasselhoff

    Also check out a series called "The Green Room". It's all on Youtube and features comedians just sitting and talking about all sorts of stuff, but they are funny at the same time. Here's a link to episode 1 -

      +1 for The Green Room! The Jim Jefferies episode is particularly good.

    jim jeffries! Also great list mark I'm very impressed. Ive seen billy and dave I would love to see Louis one day

      Jim Jefferies hand down!!! Just don't be a pussy and leave your sensibilities at the door ;)

        ... and to save time, here's a clicky.

    louis ck
    jim jeffries
    dylan moran
    bill hicks

    Doug Stanhope

      Yep. Been a fan since 08. Saw him in Canberra last November, was not disappointed! Check out the unbookables. Crazy shit.

      I discovered Doug in december only to find out I just missed his Perth show.

    man - i love Carl Barron
    if you want to count Umbilical Brothers as stand up as it is live comedy.
    and Russel Peters had me in stitches the first time i ever saw him.

      +1 for Umbilical Brothers
      also David Strassman
      both are fantastic live but their shows don't translate well to DVD.

    Mike Birbiglia's special My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is brilliant. What I Should Have Said Was Nothing is also very good.

      I just relistened to these albums recently, and they are still solid.

    Dylan Moran, definitely. Absolute legend.

    But a huge shout of to Jim Jeffries. While he's made a joke or two that's rubbed me the wrong way, that gun-control segment is downright artful.

    - Kyle Kinane (holy shit both of his last shows have made me cry in public)
    - Jim Gaffigan
    - Maria Bamford
    - Blaine Capatch
    - Paul F. Tompkins
    - Eugene Mirman

    Godddd I love me some stand up.

    If you ever want to see something powerfully un-funny go watch an old Jamie Fox stand up.

    Chris D'Elia's special on Netflix is pretty great, too. Some of it is a little bit miss, but the hits are great.

      I'm not a huge fan of his standup, but I listen to the Ten Minute Podcast religiously. Ever given that a go?

        No I haven't, but I'll add it my stable, thanks!

    Billy Connolly and Bill Bailey. Been a huge fan of Billy since around the age of 8, watching his world tour series', and got into Bill Bailey upon discovering Black Books.

    I'm a big Ross Noble fan, he is great and works off the crowd, with not much swearing. Other than that,

    Bill Hicks
    Dave Chapelle
    Bill Bailey
    Katt Williams aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

      I've seen Ross live. A cockroach was running around on stage so he made some good humor with that - Maybe upset a few people too. He's a funny guy for sure.

        True story - Ross bought his Xbox 360 off me when I worked at EB.
        Came in for the midnight launch, all excited to get some split screen Perfect Dark on with his entourage.
        Really nice, quiet dude in person.

    Jimeoin - The guy can say absolutely nothing and still be hysterically funny. He has a pretty unique comedic style that is just fantastic.

    Sammy J and Randy - Arguably my favourite Aussie comedians, at least at the moment. Their live gig is one of the best I've ever been to.

    If we're talking about top 5 best gigs of all time, Robin Williams Live on Broadway, Eddie Murphy Delirious, Louis CK Shameless, Chris Rock's Bring the Pain, and probably Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip.

      Jimoen does the best eyebrow humour in the business

      I remember seeing Jimeoin on TV ages ago (can't remember the show), he was telling a story about how he was doing stand-up in America and did this joke that went something like "Do you ever get the urge when you're in a lift by yourself to just drop your trousers and dance around". He said the crowd went dead silent because Americans didn't know what a lift was.

      Also, if you like Live on Broadway try A Night at the Met, friggin' hilarious. Also Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker and Never Scared.

      +1 for Sammy J and Randy. Saw it with my wife and an older couple who joined our table. It was far more 'blue' than I expected the show to be much to me and the older guy's amusement ... his wife didn't seem too impressed though which only made it more funny.

        I think the puppet throws people. They expect it to be PG-rated because it's got a muppet in it, when in fact it is anything but.

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