Off Topic: The Last Two Weeks

Today I'm back on Kotaku Australia after a nice relaxing two weeks in the motherland of Glasgow, Scotland. Usually during holidays I find it really difficult to go offline, but this time? I hardly spent any time on the internet. Here's what I want to know: what did I miss!? What's happening with you. Yes, you! What was the big news?

Yes, I know about Fallout 4. But that's about it. Much of my day will probably be spent playing catch-up, on email, on news, on everything! But what do you think was the most important thing that happened over the last two or three weeks? That's what I want to know!


    Um, I left my house. Twice. That was pretty big news.

    If you're up to speed on Fallout 4 I think that's all you need to know about from the last 2 to 3 weeks.

    Nothing big happened in either the oats or Chobani spaces either, so you're good to go there.

    Got a puppy. She's an absolutely adorable Labrador.

    We've missed you Mark!

    Got the flu, the actual flu, not that ringing into work with a bit of a sore throat flu.
    Proper flu sucks.
    Fallout 4 news required me to reload New Vegas. trying to go through as a smooth talking pistolero toting char.
    Welcome back Mr. Serrels, hopefully this means more readable content on Kotaku and less cheap shots from other "authors" I'm looking at you Mr. Schreier.

    Can't think of anything legitimately exciting from the past couple of weeks. My sports teams all suck. Kinda stalled in Bloodborne and think I only beat one boss over that time (Rom). Family keeps getting sick. Blergh.

    Oh! I did like watching Wawrinka win the French Open the other night. That was pretty exciting. That's probably it though, and I think you were back then anyway!

      Speaking of sucky sportsball teams, I'm pretty sure that the Lions have pissed in the footy gods' corn flakes. They could field a better team from their injury list than their currently available players.

        Know that feeling. Every time Manly look like getting a decent squad back together, another key player goes off with a 4 week injury.

        Sorry about that. Rockliff suffered the "Bob's SuperCoach curse" - that is, getting massively injured the week I brought him in to my side. Happens every year.

        QLD footy is screwed at the moment. 13 injured for the Suns, 19 for the Lions if I'm reading their injury lists right? Though the Lions list still has Hanley as a test so it might need updating. Still. You could have a QLD Hospital AllStars 22 and still have reserves. Crazy!

          To give you an idea of how many Lions are injured, the reserves side that played in the NEAFL this weekend had five AFL listed players and the rest were under 19s from the Academy. With 22 players in the seniors and a total list of 40 + rookies, it's pretty dire.

          Hanley's back. He played on the weekend, the injury list should get updated today.

          Also, please, PLEASE don't put Dayne Beams on your supercoach. He's pretty much all we've got left.

            He's been there since round 1. Those players are safe from the Bob curse.

              You know that I'm going to hold you personally accountable if anything happens to him.

                Yeah, calling out that he's safe from the curse is a sure-fire way to get him cursed. Are there any Suns you want dealt with? I'll be at the game on Saturday.

      I did see Mad Max. It was suitably crazy.

    Back on Destiny, House of wolves is actually pretty good and I'm getting a lot out of it. Hope it lasts.

    I finished Dark Souls & started Bloodborne.

    I have purchased both Demon's & DS2.

    The wachowski sins have made a tv.

      I just don't know how I feel about Sense8.

      I'm about 7 episodes in and it's just... it's not good.

        But your 7 eps in?
        Man, a lot of shows I don't get past episode 1.

        I've yet to start.

          I've just invested too much time to walk away... I can only hope the remaining 5 episodes redeems it.

            I watched Battlestar Galactica until season 3, about halfway through I stopped.

            And I was enjoying it :-/

            Finished it last night. The moments where they take over for each other and cut sick are awesome. The rest is very rocky, yet strangely compelling... But my opinions at just as flawed as everyone's, I'm sure.

      Is it better than Jupiter Ascending. Because that movie was pretty shit.

        Watched that on the plane last night. Once I realised it was basically Cindarella in space or something, i just switched my brain off.

        But yeah, overall, pretty crap.

        I went in expecting worse so had an ok time.

        It's as dumb as shit but fun.

        Also has the single greatest cameo in movie history & nobody cares enough to spot it.

          I'm just bitter because Sean Bean didn't die.

            That was actually a highlight for me XD

    Dont lie Mark! we all know you never went to scotland.. youve just been couped up in the living room playing the witcher 3 for 2weeks straight!

    Mark Serrels and I were engaged to be wed back in the old country. Then he got his eyesight back. Suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn't good enough for him.

      "It's good to see you Neo!"

    'Relaxing' and 'Glasgow' aren't 2 things that go together as far as I'm aware :P

    All I know is, 6 days until more juicy Fallout 4 details :D

    Thank god we have Mark back, no offence to Junglist but it's just not the same.

      Don't think there's any need to say that really...

    Welcome back.

    What have you missed... well...

    The upper levels of FIFA are imploding following a series of corruption arrests.
    If investigations determine that Qatar and Moscow were granted their world cups through bribery, then they may lose them (that is never going to happen).

    Australian politics continues to be a race to excell at mediocrity.

    In games...
    ODST is out, and is still the best Halo game.
    Xcom 2 was announced, and is seemingly not coming to consoles.
    Arkham Knight has even more exclusive DLC coming... there's a whole chart getting around. It's not Assassins Creed pants level... but it's getting there.
    Witcher 3 continues to sweep all before it, though many are noting that there are few black people in the game.
    Fallout 4 was announced and i'm told it looks like shit... it looks a tonne better than every other Fallout/Elder Scrolls, but apparently that doesn't mean a damn thing on the internet.

    I have infiltrated the offices of Popsugar AU as the new intern and am one step closer to you.

    I hear Simon Pegg runs a pretty good gaming site to help keep you up to date on all your gaming news:

    In other news, ARK is rad and everyone should play it. I also got around to getting a bigger and better slow cooker and made a glorious beef stew on Sunday.

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      Rewatched Hot Fuzz on Netflix last weekend too. Still awesome.

        Is that AU netflix? :o

          Don't think so. But is well worth it to solve that problem.

        True story: Hot Fuzz is the one I couldn't even sit through.

        I like their work, but nothing has ever been as good as Spaced.

          That's crazy talk. You're crazy. Get off the damn road!

          By which I mean: A shame, your loss I guess. I really enjoyed it (again)! I love the way Pegg is super-serious for most of the movie, and then he and everything else goes gloriously stupid by the end.

    I got screwed over during a mission in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, when the pathfinding went and decided to not let my last remaining squad unit to be able to make any moves, causing me to cancel the mission, and giving me an effective Game Over.
    I can't remember the last time I raged so hard...

    I hope you had a great time off Mark.

    I found a product made for you: Steel Cut Oats in Chobani. The only problem is that it comes in a yoghurt pack like for kids. Could be a good way to induct Serrels Jr into the steel cut oats gang.

    I had a nice burger from Burger Urge on the weekend. I'm not a fan of their burgers usually but I really enjoyed the 'El Diablo'.

    Mark they had meat pie pizzas at the Allure offices and you weren't there! I scrolled endlessly looking for your nonexistent opinion! May I suggest pizza for dinner tonight?

    Bought Witcher 3.
    Promised myself to finish Dragon Age before starting Witcher 3.
    Got a lung infection and was out for over a week.
    Still haven't finished Dragon Age.
    Contemplating starting Witcher 3 but know if I do I will never finish Dragon Age.
    I've had a hard few weeks. Good to have you back.

    Thank fuck you're back, the articles on here have been less than stellar in your absence.

      The only lack of quality I've seen has been the usual US stuff. Nothing new there. AU material has been great. @junglist always does a fantastic job.

        Whoops, yes, forgot to mention junlist was good.

    Bought witcher 3 and paid off my batman even though I promised myself I'd finish the others first. Goes to show my promises to myself don't count for jack.

    Bought farming simulator for the xbox one and got addicted just like I'm addicted to euro truck simulator 2 on the pc: yes I'm one of those weird people that like to play simulator games. Growing virtual wheat is fun.

    Went to Stanthorpe and Glen Innes over the long weekend and froze my balls off in 2 degrees and got a slight case or frostbite on my hands but got some epic photos.

    Welcome back.. We missed you mark

    I just got back from 2 weeks overseas too!

    Flew in this morning from London via Hong Kong, and now I'm at work. Feel like I've had a 30 hour commute into the office.

    We're playing Witcher 3 and freaking out about Fallout 4 and XCOM 2 and wondering why the hell people aren't more excited about XCOM2 than they should be!

      Console peasantry aren't involved, thus lack of hype. Masterrace hype is far more subdued and infinitely cooler. *hair flowing in breeze, gigahertz of superiority wisp in the air around me*

        Nice physics effects.
        You running Nvidia for that hair?

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