One Hour Of Street Fighter V In Action

It's always a big deal when Street Fighter finally grows the cajones to actually change its number. Therefore Street Fighter V is important. It also looks great!

And as a huge fan of the changes Street Fighter IV brought to the series, I'm honestly relieved to see that Street Fighter V is looking pretty familiar.

This video has over an hours worth of game footage, complete with commentary from people who seem like they know what the hell they're talking about. All the currently revealed characters are explored and discussed. Well worth watching.

Via Siliconera


    I feel like the Kotaku community aren't much into fighting games. Which is a shame, because I feel they are arguably the most enjoyable e-sport to watch.

    I'm horrible at Street Fighter but I enjoy it. It's always been fun.
    Whilst I still prefer the 2D art of SFIII, this one is really nailing the stylised 3D. It almost looks like a digital painting.
    I'm somewhat hoping to see Sean return, he didn't seem that good but it was fun playing him.

    I like the sounds of limited links and combos. I've never been a fan of links or long combos - I want to have a lot more mix up with different specials and normals. I want to spend my time playing the game - not grinding for stupidly hard to do things

    "cajones" means drawers (as in furniture).

    Unless you were trying to be exquisitely cryptic , you probably meant "cojones".

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