One More Dash Is My New King Of Time Wasters

Not too long ago, SMG Studio released One More Line, which in addition to being a cool mobile game, gifted you some nifty line art after each go. A few days ago, a new take on that game was released: One More Dash. It's quite good.

SMG seems to be great at games that just require one tap. I suppose it's yet another excuse to use their Big Red Button setup at expos:

Tapping shoots you from one pod to the next. There's limited time to get into the next pod, but you can bounce off walls to reset the timer. Just don't try to bounce off the spiky walls!

Between this and Skiing Yeti Mountain, I've actually got a few games on my phone that I like now. Check out this trailer to see how it plays:

One More Dash is a free download for iOS and Android, and you can pay to remove the ads.


    Downloaded this the other day, but found the ads a bit intrusive. Solution: Play in Airplane mode, and having a lot of fun with it.

      You could just pay and remove the ads? It's a great game which I picked up yesterday and is well worth the few bucks to remove them.

        I actually had the same thought as I posted it, but I'm yet to feel it's $2.49 worth of game. $0.99 I would probably say "Yeah, ok" but I don't see it having any kind of longevity. We'll see in a week or two.

          We've found the difference in player's minds between 99c and $1.99 is the same. So we went with $1.99. Thanks for saying you had fun though! You can counter act the airplane mode by telling friends :)

    I saw talk of this earlier this week, didn't realise it was out. Onto it now, looks fun.

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