Our First Fleeting Glimpse Of Tales Of Berseria In Motion

Our First Fleeting Glimpse Of Tales Of Berseria In Motion

Certainly our first look at sole female protagonist Velvet's hair in action.

We get several shots of Velvet in Bandai Namco's brief teaser for the PlayStation 3 and 4 game, along with some gorgeous environments and ship sailing the shiny seas.

Having played every North American Tales of release thus far, I keep waiting for the guy to show up. It's not that I don't feel a lone female character and whatever friends she picks up couldn't carry a Tales game — it's just there's pretty much always been two.

I'll get over it I'm sure. In the meantime, those environments. I need so much more Tales in my life.


    Love the Tales games. But... couldn't they have put more thought into a name other than Berseria?

      They like to have a three letter acronym, so like Xillia was 'ToX' for example. And the issue is they're actually running out of usable letters.

    Ahh! It make sense now. All the polygons were used in the water and her hair. That's why they didn't have enough to finish the front of her shirt.

    Someone needs to get the poor girl some new clothes. It looks like she's a single snapped thread away from the whole outfit disintegrating.

    As much as I love Tales games, this looks like a PS3 game.

    ... on the bright side, it's 1080p and 60 fps, so apparently that makes it graphically better than every Xbox One game ;)

    Also, no need to fear, they wouldn't dare make a Tales game with any less than 6 playable characters :O

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