Our First Real Look At Fallout 4

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4

Bethesda closed their E3 presentation with a bang today: a demo of Fallout 4, which shows us a whole lotta gameplay footage.

What you’re seeing in that GIF above? That’s the character creator. You’ll be able to play as a lady too, of course. Here’s the first full segment of the demo showcased tonight, which takes you to pre-war Boston. You’ll see your family home, as well as interact with a Vault-Tec employee:

As was predicted, you’ll be able to play events leading up to the end of the world, and through sheer luck, you’ll survive the atomic bombs and be able to play through the post-apocalypse, too. The new engine looks pretty, though the animations still seem a little stiff:

Here’s a look at the new combat…VATS makes a comeback!

-You can issue commands to your dog, who will be your loyal companion.

-There is a new pipboy, and the old-school effects on it look awesome:

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4

-You will be able to play games on your pipboy as well.

-The environment is malleable, you can build your world, Minecraft-style. Anything you can see, you can move around and scrap, so that you can build other stuff, too.

It sounds like you’ll need to get creative with your settlements, since whatever you build will be used as defensive measures, too. Tower defence in Fallout 4, basically.

-The crafting system lets you create all sorts of different attachments and guns; there are 50 base weapons to start out, which you can modify using components gathered from all the junk out in the wasteland. Here, for example, you see the wide variety of options that you have when it comes to crafting a long scope:

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4
Our First Real Look At Fallout 4


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  • Seriously, can we remove the woman during that moment? Too weird for her to stare at changing sex and races for 4 hours.

    • I guess you haven’t watched the video. You change to her if you want to play as a woman.

      • I still think it would be nicer if she kind of faded into the background and visa versa with the male character as it’s a lil weird to see some random NPC staring at you so close haha.

        • i actually quite like it, she’s your waifu after all. it’s a really interesting method of creating a character and switching genders. i especially like the random comments she makes when you edit your looks.

  • I guess I’ll be needing 2 collectors editions for pipboys for me and the missus

  • that was a lesson on how to please your fans. even their app was done in a way to not make it totally revolting.


    This looks great!! So excited right now with all of these new features. Doubt anything can knock Witcher 3 off my Game of the Year list, but this may be the only one so far with a shot.

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a game. I think they made the right decision to hold their cards close to their chest all these years and then make an announcement a lot closer to the release date (as apposed to trying to get everyone to ride the hype train for years, only to find disappointment once they reached the destination). I can’t get over the amount of things you can customise and the amount of detail they have applied. I’m going to easily lose months in this world, it looks fantastic!

  • Just me or the graphics really a bit lack lustre?!

    The hue just didn’t seem to have any atmosphere – Like its going for the Pleasantville 50s homemaker kind of feel but to me that feels plain… A bit plain Jane – Am i the only one disappointed?!

    • No, it was talked about numerous times after the first clip afew weeks back and they don’t look to be any different here. Game looks polished but they are a bit of let down compared to this year and last years next gen releases.

      • I know your last sentence is a joke. It has to be, because graphics right now are not exciting at all. Neither last year nor this year were ANYTHING special, Fallout easily matches everything we have seen so far from next-gen.

        • The characters look last gen in fallout, some of the environments look ok but they still don’t look as good as what we’ve recently had. It’s not a big deal and I’m sure the games going to be great but it is what it is.

          • That’s my thing – in the E3 demo there were some NICER looking environments, but the dog, the interior of the house, the main protagonist…. it all looks a bit two years ago to me…

    • If you can watch the video where they are walking around the environment taking in the environmental design, and still think the graphics suck, then yes, you would be in the tiny minority of special people.

      • I think its the models imo. Environments have always been beth strong suit but npc models have always seemed a little off somehow – it’s still the case here. I think it’s animations and the gamebyro engine.

    • I will give you that they aren’t at the forefront of graphical technology but I wasn’t expecting the next Crysis.

      I am still very happy with them if it allows for things like longer draw distance etc.

    • See, we’ve spent the last couple of months complaining how companies bait and switch, and how the final release is always “downgraded” in some way. This even happened with Witcher 3 depending on who you ask. Better to set a low bar and reveal high end graphics options give better fidelity than to continue to set the bar too high like the industry has been doing. That and it’s a Beth game, mods heh.

      • I respect this opinion – Thanks for giving me another perspective I didn’t think about all the E3 bashing we were doing the past few weeks!

  • I honestly want to cry a little bit because I’m so goddamn happy (although that could be the sudafed talking).

  • Gonna pre-order the pipboy edition for PC tomorrow haven’t been excited for a game since Forza 5.

  • Did they make any specific mention on modding for the pc? With the skyrim debacle on paid mods i want a clear answer to it for fallout4.

    Honestly beth games (es or fallout) arn’t all that amazing without the mods imo so if it’s paid modding i’ll prolly pass on it, or atleast wait till the eventual goty edition with all the extra bells and whistles.

    • They probably wouldn’t touch that bombshell even if they were hiding in a fallout shelter.

    • i just watched the live stream and they didnt really say anything about mods with regards to fallout, but pete did mention something for doom with bethesda making their battle.net type service called bethesda.net. it sounds like it will be their own client like gog and battle.net and not like steam/uplay/origin

  • For some reason these embedded videos just don’t work for me. They only Chrome or IE compat?

    • they worked for using firefox with adblock turned on, not sure about safari if your viewing from an iphone/ipad

    • If you run Ghostery or another script blocker, you need to allow the LiveRail script to run.

        • If you can see and hit the play button but it and the track bar just turn grey and nothing else happens, the LiveRail script isn’t executing for whatever reason. No idea how much Cyberfox has changed from the Mozilla base, might be worth testing in Firefox to see if the same thing happens there.

  • I assume that you can customize the colour of the power armour? If I can, I throwing in some gold and hot-rod red.

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