Our Picks Of Today’s Steam Sales

Our Picks Of Today’s Steam Sales

There are a few questionable ones today… I’m still not sure why Counter-Strike: GO is a paid game, given all the money it makes through weapon skins. But as usual, there are some ridiculously good games for ridiculously low prices.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare | $US2.49

This game is hilarious fun. I’m not sure what the player populations are like online nowadays, but even if it’s scant, it’s an ideal game for LANs. Duels between two players are good enough in their own right, and the combat system is deep enough to make that interesting, but where it excels is in the chaos of big battles. The crunching sound of being killed by heavy weapons will never leave you.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 | $US4.39

A triple-A shooter for around $5, yet again. Makes me feel sorry for all the indie FPS games that really have to intelligently pick their window of release these days. You might get lucky with player populations, too, given this game’s habit of going on sale.

Age of Mythology | $US7.49

Dat classic. Don’t be fooled by the hydras and minotaurs, this is one of Ensemble’s best. I really can’t say if there are lots of people playing online or not — but play the vanilla version first, before you dabble with the expansion. Then make your own mind up as to whether it jumped the shark with the Atlanteans.

What are your picks out of the sales at the moment?


  • Just a really tiny thing here, but thanks for at least clarifying they’re US prices. It’s the little things 🙂

    • To be fair it’s not a distinction they even really need to make, all prices on steam are in US$ for aussies.

      • To be fair it is a distinction thats worth making as some people still, especially those new to steam, can always do with information like this. So to be fair, its a little bit of info thats good and is appreciated. To be fair.

  • Pillars of Eternity is currently 25% off, but I’m wondering if there will be an even bigger discount at some point.

    Does anyone have any idea if this is likely before the sale ends, or should I just get it now?

    • Stick to the rule for steam sales. If it isn’t a daily deal or flash sale (or whatever extra front page thing they have each time) don’t get it until the last day as no matter how unlikely it could happen and you would be cursing yourself.

  • I’m quite disappointed by the disparity in prices for Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

    It’s $US4.99 (In the US), but $US18.49 here in Australia. What gives?

    • Borderlands 2: GOTY
      $8.79 in the US (AUD 11:37)
      $17.59 in AUS (AUD 22.75)

      You know we’re getting ripped off when it’s $19 at EB Games!

      • I play an hour or two every fortnight. If you’re playing before midnight there is usually at least one fully populated server for Team Objective and Free-For-All.

        While there’s no shortage of players, a lot of them have played the game enough to figure out some pretty bullshit combination of moves. Nonetheless, I play, I enjoy; good game.

        • I used to play often. Even tried to get together a Western Australian group together so we can all play with less lag..

          But, speed hacks.. Speed hacks everywhere. In a game all about swinging a weapon when they can swing, you block, then they swing again while your still recovering from having blocked previous swing it becomes slightly stupid.

  • BC2 would be a bad buy, hasnt been any workable servers for years, just a matter of time before it gets shut down.
    But AOM is always a good pick!

    • I picked up BC2 on PS3 for $4 a few months ago. For that price I really enjoyed playing through the sngle player campaign. I didn’t even bother with multiplayer.

      • Maybe at this price everyone on kotaku should buy it and we can find some empty servers and have a good ol’ kotaku kill fest!

  • I just picked up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the Tomb Raider reboot and The Last Remnant for about $17US. And the flash deals reset in about three hours… ugh.

  • I appreciated the article, I missed Chivalry as I already own it but after reading the article gifted some copies to friends.

  • The Eidos anthology is a really good buy. all of the hitman games, tomb raider games, deus ex games, just cause games, all of the DLC and more for $31.

  • BC2 is one probably my 3rd most played game of all time after WoW and DOTA. Really hope we see a 3rd one.

    It’s odd cause at the time I wasn’t super into it but on retrospect I realised how good it was.

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