The Uncharted Collection Is Coming To PS4 On October 9

The Uncharted Collection Is Coming To PS4 on October 9

Update: Here's the official trailer and blog post confirming the PS4 release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

The anthology of remastered PS3 games will feature versions of the single-player campaigns optimised for 1080p resolution and 60 FPS framerate and will include access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta.

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It looks like the series that helped put the PS3 on the map will be coming to the PS4. An image for something titled Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection showed up on the mobile version of the PlayStation Store last night.

While it's long been speculated that Sony would bring the last-gen adventures of the roguish treasure hunter over to their latest home console, Sony hasn't announced anything officially. Details on The Nathan Drake Collection are pretty much non-existent right now. The image that popped up doesn't offer up any info as whether this will be a digital or physical release and clicking through brings users to an error page. (It's also not appearing on the desktop browser version of the PS store.)

The Uncharted Collection Is Coming To PS4 on October 9

If true, this instance is almost exactly like the unintended reveal that happened last year for The Last of Us Remastered. The existence of that game was spotted in Sony's digital storefront before any official announcement was made. It's also worth noting that Uncharted 4 got pushed from a 2015 release window last year and is now expected in 2016. An up-rezzed bundle of the PS3 Uncharteds would help fill a Nathan Drake-shaped hole for Sony. Kotaku has reached out to Sony for comment and will update this story if/when they respond.

Update: Readers are noting a tweet from Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann that all but confirms The Nathan Drake Collection.


    I hate to admit it but I own Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 on PS3, but have never played them. My Pile of Shame is huge.

      I'm literally the opposite. They're the only games I actually bought for my PS3 :-)

      I do have a pretty decent PC pile of shame, though.

        Actually I think the literal opposite would be to have played them but not owned them.

        My PC pile of shame is not so much a pile as a "Steam library".

      I will go out on a limb here and say Uncharted 2 is the best game I ever played on a console. As close to playing an Indiana Jones movie as I have ever got.

    As good as all of these games are, the number of remasters being released is becoming properly ludicrous.

      But it's 60fps! 60! They've just taken an unplayable mess and turned it into a transcendent experience!

        But... But... Cinematic?!

          I had an xbox 360 so this is a win in my books

            And that's the key point behind so many of these remasters, especially the Sony ones. You look at how well the PS4 is selling compared to how the PS3 did, and it's probably a safe bet that a significant number of PS4 owners didn't own a PS3. So why not give those people the chance to sample some of the highlights of the PS3 catalogue? And for the most part, that's what they're doing with games like The Last Of Us, Uncharted, God of War 3, Journey - these are among the absolute best games of the last generation, and would be of interest to a lot of people who missed them the first time around.

              Sony used to do that through backwards compatibility. I miss those days.

                If it's any consolation, it'd probably be easier for Sony to provide PS4 backward compatibility in the PS5, since this generation doesn't look like it is built on a technological dead end.

              Spot on. The PS4 is my first non-Nintendo console EVER (sick of PC gaming after twenty years of it) and I can't wait to play more remasters (going through Last of Us for the first time now).

        I played the original Uncharted using a projector - which has a refresh limit of 25fps.
        A high refresh rate won't help if your display can't handle it.

        What projector does 1080P at 60fps? I need to put a case to the Minister of Finance [and she hasn't approved the PS4 yet]...

      I don't mind for big series like this. I didn't play all the first ones and I want to play the fourth so I'm happy I can play it this way without having to buy another ps3 just to play them again. It's one off remasters that annoy me, series like this are ok. Gears of war, mass effect, resident evil etc where there's multiple games to catch up on I like being remastered.

      Last edited 05/06/15 8:48 am

    I wish they had spent their time working on Uncharted 4 !

      They did. Studios get bigger budgets and hire more people in order to do this. It's the same as any other studio working on multiple projects. If they took everyone who worked on the remaster and put them to work on Uncharted 4 that would just mean they'd have to charge a lot more for Uncharted 4 when it's released.

        Plus, chucking people at software doesn't actually get it written faster. There's actually a point at which it slows things down.

      Actually, Bluepoint Games, who've made the MGS HD Collection, God of War Collection and Titanfalls 360 ver. are making this. Don't quote me on this but from what I can tell ND are in a purely advisory role.

      Last edited 05/06/15 12:12 pm

      I think it's a different developer. BluePoint games are doing the Uncharted remaster while Naughty Dog work on Uncharted 4 and... whatever their other team is working on. BluePoint seem to specialize in this kind of work... they did the PS3 versions of Ico / SotC and the God of War and MGS HD collections

    I already own all these games. In fact, I own two of the limited edition versions.

    But shit, take my money again. Here it is. ALL OF IT.

      Yep! I had a promo copy from Sony of Uncharted 2, but we bought it again properly a little while ago, just to have the real thing? AND NOW THIS :D

      Yeah, I'll go back for another serve of Uncharted for sure, depending on the price. I want TLOU, too, but not until it's sub-$50 so I'm still waiting. I'll wait for a similar price point for Uncharted before taking the plunge on that, too.

        The major difference between The Last Of Us: Remastered and this is that this includes 3 games. So, even if it was $80-$100 I would definitely consider it worth it. Fantastic games.

          Yeah, but it's still 3 last gen games that I've already bought individually at full price and completed multiple times already.

          Same with GTA5. I want to get it, but I'm not paying that much for a 2 year old game, no matter how many resomolutions it has.

          And yeah, EB have it listed as $99.95. Not sure if that's the actual price or just a placeholder while they wait for the official price.

            Exactly my point. Essentially you're paying $33 each (roughly) for 3 remastered last gen games. Which is basically the same as if you paid $33 for TLOU: Remastered or GTA V on PS4/Xbone.

    I never got into Uncharted, never picked up a copy or played a minute. I think the time is now right. Knew I was waiting for the right time (yeah thats what I was doing).

    This is actually shaping up to be one of the best weeks of my life :D

    Last edited 05/06/15 9:15 am

    But i thought the story for nr three was hella lame... I'd be a solid 'no' on this. Was all over the remaster of TLOU though. Such a great story. Such a great game.

      To each their own, even if 3 couldn't quite hold a candle to 2's, the solid gameplay and set pieces are still there.

    The Nathan Drake Collection is kinda a dumb name since all Uncharted games have Drake as the playable character.

      Uncharted 4 is said to be Drake's last adventure. I would bet any money that the series will continue after that though.

        Yeah, they'll more than likely continue the series with a new main character, who no doubt we'll be introduced to in 4. That said, as long as Sully is in 4 I'll be happy.

        I hear they're going to introduce a character called "Mutt" (played by Shia Lebeouf) who'll take over the franchise.

    Excited to play a series I've missed out on by not having a PS3. Never played one, so I'm eager to give this a shot!

    Would be nice if they'd included Golden Abyss - could have made it more tempting to people who played the PS3 games but not the Vita one. I guess that'd be more working scaling it up from Vita to PS4 compared to going from PS3 to PS4?

      I agree. A lot of people weren't too thrilled about Golden Abyss, but I LOVED it. It's a shame it's not included.

    No multiplayer!?!?!?! I'll give this a miss. The MP was one of the best parts of UC2 and UC3!!!

      I never actually played the multiplayer on any of them (finished single player at least twice each, probably 4 or 5 times for Uncharted 2). Strange that they'd leave it out, though, considering they included it in the TLOU remaster.

        The MP was quality a few years back. I fondly remember the beta for U3 as well, the most fun I had with a MP beta this side of Killzone 3.

      Like @braaains, I never played the multi on any of the Uncharted games either, or even The Last Of Us. Single player is where it's at.

      Yeah I agree, pretty lame especially to leave out U2's, it was a lot more fun than 3's IMO. That said I understand that they wouldn't want to scatter their multiplayer fans across 4 current gen multiplayer games inc. u4 when it hits.

    So over the HD remastered, rebooted, re release of games to this gen. Give us something new ffs, Sony.

      If you haven't played them before then they're new.

      A lot of people didn't have a PS3, so never had the chance to play them before this - for those people, this is a new game.

    No. Stop. We make new games now!

    This is what backwards compatibility is for.

      Last time I checked the PS4 and Xbone weren't backwards compatible with their predecessors games.

      It's Uncharted. They should be releasing it as a box set every generation. I mean it's like saying 'no, don't put Star Wars on Blu-Ray, it's already on DVD'.

        That comparison isn't even remotely the same. If I had a device that could have rendered DVDs at at true HD quality then I'd have no need for blu-rays.

          I'm not sure what you're saying there. Even if they were backwards compatible the XBOX One and PS4 were never going to play XBOX 360 and PS3 games with any sort of improvement. In all likelyhood the games would lose functionality not gain it. All I meant by that remark is that you wouldn't insist that movies never get re-released or brushed up to HD/4K/8K simply because the VHS version already existed.
          Formats change and it's important to bring over classic content to those new formats rather than relying on everyone having a combo betamax/VHS/laserdisc/VCD/DVD/Blu-Ray player.

          Uncharted should be remastered to actually work with new hardware every generation. It's a fantastic series of games that plays really well. That's not something I want done with crappy backwards compatability technology that at best gives you an out of date game played with a new controller. Classic games shouldn't be left to age like that.

            It's probably due to having a PC in addition to consoles that I have this opinion. Backwards Compatibility wasn't a concern with the older cartridge-fed systems naturally because the media was proprietary (even then 3rd party add-ons made it possible to play many older.portable console games on the modern machine). Once generations shifted, PC emulation has found a way to conserve forever more those old games (at no further cost most importantly.) Only with the PS2 was a new precedent set: that when you buy a new console, your old games weren't obsolete and thanks to cheaper hardware, and more processing power - ran stably.

            So when the x360 and the PS3 ditched BC just to cut costs, I considered it one of the worst events in the last console generation, especially since these specific systems indeed did up-render their games, proving a real value-add. When I saw only months later: HD "remasters" of PS2 games selling gangbusters, I knew the console manufacturers would never turn back.

            While on PC this has just never been an issue. Any product designed to run on one should run (drivers/OS permitting) with the full power of the machine at its disposal. Any re-release on PC is really just a reprint. Not to mention, unless you're a GoG fan, most of them became abandonware; their price matching their age. Unfortunately for emulation, it doesn't work the same any more so people are literally relying their old consoles to stay healthy, or in this case, for modern devs to re-release them.

            In this particular case it draws heavy attention to the fact that they don't want what BC or PC does. They know now they can in relatively short period entice their customers to buy the same product again. This current console generation is just shockingly bad and they're not even trying to build a quality games library. I'm not against remasters and re-releases, but wait a while for it to actually be worth a reissue. Remasters aren't so bad, that TLOU one looks kinda swank - if only it was what you'd buy when those PS3 graphics are a distant memory. Unlike my PC games, I literally can't get Blu-ray quality out of a VHS, and unless they try harder this is like recording a VHS tape onto a blu-ray so you can play it at all.

            And it's just tooooooo early to get excited over such a recent re-release when I'd rather be exited over NEW games.

            Last edited 05/06/15 7:31 pm

              I think you under estimate how hard it is to make hardware backwards compatible. Console games are much more complex now which ties them heavily to their original hardware. Emulation makes it look easy but aside from the fact that there are huge costs involved with emulation it also breaks just about anything more complex than a SNES game. Look at the amount of relatively simple XBOX games that don't work properly with the XBOX 360.

              And it's just tooooooo early to get excited over such a recent re-release when I'd rather be exited over NEW games.

              But this wasn't made in place of a new game. Naughty Dog isn't tying up resources and their top talent on a remaster project. The people making this didn't turn down their shot at making a AAA dream project to do this. I'd say if anything it brought them closer to being able to make a passion project. The people making this are only employed because there is money in this sort of port. It's only being funded because it's low cost low risk. The alternative to this isn't some amazing new IP, it's nothing.

              Assuming people want this and buy it Naughty Dog will be in a better financial position, which in turn means less pressure to be conservative with future projects. Uncharted 3 wasn't as well received as they'd like it to be, so Uncharted 4 is probably going to be a less risky venture. The value of the IP dropped and they need to recover it before they can no longer get funding for Uncharted games. A bankable collection pumps that value up. Uncharted 4 still has to be good but it's not making or breaking the franchise so financial success isn't important enough to push them into going lowest common denominator.
              Remakes sound like a bad idea because they take advantage of risk averse publishers who don't care about making quality games, but ultimately it encourages them to invest in well received, standout games that will have a place on the PS5/XBOX 20X6. I might be a little too optimistic here but I think this may provide a much needed balance to last generations 'get it out quick and nasty' line of thinking.

                Well we'll just have to come is disagreement. I simply hold these businesses to a higher standard set a few generations ago. I know what I want them to do is hard; I just think it's the better option. Everything else just sounds like typical business money excuses to me. If you read my other posts then it comes as no surprise.
                I know a remake isn't a replacement for new games, but it totally looks like one because the current AAA landscape is so poor. I can count the games worth owning on PS4/Xbone on one hand and the exciting upcoming games for them on the other - and both of those include games that, if I enjoy modern games, would already bought last generation.
                Having re-releases as antidote to "quick and nasty" releases only really works for established franchises like Uncharted where a pack like this will, as you say, keep people interested until the next one. But it's really useless for the new games I'm after; they'll be as rushed, and bug-filled messes as usual these days.

    The most important detail after this announcement, is the gameplay improvements that could be made.

    I really hope they improve the gameplay in the really disappointing Uncharted 3.
    The aiming sucked, the super repetitive fist fights were laughable - then maddening, occasional insane difficulty spikes, control of movement etc.
    It was obvious that the game was rushed out.
    Just compare the balance and polish between the superb Uncharted 2 and the underdeveloped 3.

    I'm sort of keen but I'd like to see screens / videos of the graphical upgrade to see if it's worth rebuying the games again.

    I sold my PS3 to get a PS4.
    I really missed playing the uncharted series. I must have finished each game around 6 times each. Loved the series.

    I will definitely get this!

      And it's comments like this that justify the existence of HD collections.

        I am a fanboy of the series. And proud of it :)

    I'm so happy with this announcement!
    I have a used PS3 and got Uncharted 1 and 2 as used games in 2013. Played a bit of the first one then life got in the way, so I never finished 1 and 2. I pretty much got very late into the PS3 scene, and had confidence that the PS4 will get a remastered version of the game, so I got the PS4 on sale in anticipation for this moment.

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