Pokémon Center Runs On Windows 7

Pokémon Center Runs On Windows 7

C’mon! How are you going to be the very best with outdated operating system?

The newish (well, it opened in 2013) Pokémon Center retail shop in Tokyo Bay usually looks like this:

Picture: Dengeki Online

But thanks to a brief computer snafu, it looked like this:

Picture: VISTA_629

That appears the trash icon for Windows 7.

Twitter user Vita, who snapped the photo, called this a “surreal mistake”. The image has been retweeted over 6700 times.

Good news, Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay, you can pick up Windows 10 when it comes out.


    • me. Cant wait to be honest, hoping it gives me the option to download the iso rather than update through windows update…. i really want to do a clean format…

  • Easy to be the very best when you are using the very best Windows OS that just happens to be a few years old.

  • I hope Brian gets paid abysmally, because his articles certainly don’t read like they’re worth much :/

  • Whats this, a corporation using stable enterprise level software! Quick! we must ridicule them for there obvious ineptitude.


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