Poll: The Top 20 Most Anticipated Anime Of Q3 2015

Poll: The Top Twenty Most Anticipated Summer Anime

You excited? You should be. Because the Q3 2015 anime season is coming. And if you don't have any idea of what to look forward to, perhaps the results of this Japanese poll can help. Perhaps not!

Biglobe News reports that Charapedia, which looks at the appeal of anime characters, polled 23,000 people via its Facebook page about which anime they were looking forward to most. The breakdown was 56.2 per cent men and 45.8 per cent women. Around 76 per cent were in their teens and 20s. The rest were 30 and up.

10.) Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance 3: 580 votes

9.) Dragon Ball Super: 601 votes

Poll: The Top Twenty Most Anticipated Summer Anime

Picture: Famitsu

8.) Snow White with the Red Hair: 671 votes

7.) Prison School: 700 votes

6.) To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd: 713 votes

Poll: The Top Twenty Most Anticipated Summer Anime

5.) Non Non Biyori Repeat: 860 votes

4.) Charlotte: 1,025 votes

3.) The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 2nd Season: 1,344 votes

2.) Working!!!: 1,829 votes

1.) Durarara!! x 2 Ten: 2,021 votes

Poll: The Top Twenty Most Anticipated Summer Anime

Any of these catch your eye?


    WOOOO Dragon Ball!!!!! Durarara good also, and to-love ru, my ecchi senses are tingling. But no God Eater? that show looks pretty incredible what with the hand drawn character art style and it being done by ufotable, I'm probably excited for that the most (after dragon ball) and prison school just looks like insanity. Also article posts top 10 but says top 20? *squints hard at editor

    le-sigh, still waiting for an anime that is as good as cowboy bebop

      How sad is it that Space Dandy is the closest thing you'll get to a new Cowboy Bebop? It's nothing like Cowboy, but directed by the same Director.

    no overlord, gate or monster musume? if 2 love ru is there monster musume should be there

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