Project Cars 2 Already Announced, Crowdfunding

Project Cars 2 Already Announced, Crowdfunding

After several delays, Projects Cars finally arrived in early May. Just weeks later, developer Slightly Mad Studios have announced plans to crowdfund a sequel. That seems…soon.

As with the last game, Project Cars 2 is raising money on the World of Mass Development platform. There’s no stated budget or goal for the sequel, but it does have several reward tiers, ranging from £50 (about $US45 USD) for basic access to the game to £10,000 (about $US11,342) for crazy things like this:

Michelin-starred dinner with the Head Of Studio plus all costs covered at a luxury hotel in London and a luxury weekend itinerary including use of a Ferrari 458 Spider!

Slightly Mad Studios was been proactive in stating this does not signal the end of development on Project CARS, but I suspect it may leave a bad taste in the mouths of fans, regardless.

Over the next year, players will see Project CARS grow, evolve, and continue to be updated regularly throughout 2015 and beyond via our ON DEMAND programme. But additionally, planning and work will now begin on the continuation of the franchise with PROJECT CARS 2 that contains substantial features and content deserving of a fully-fledged sequel.

The ongoing development of Project Cars is called the studio’s “on demand” program.

Fans reacting to the game’s announcement on the official website are not especially kind:

It’s not much better on Twitter, either.

Of course, this is only the first wave of responses. Maybe it will change?

There’s no announced release date for Project Cars 2, but it’s planned for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam OS. You can run down the entire feature set on the crowfunding site.


  • In a way I get it, it’s going to take a number of years for this to eventuate, they need to raise the money, create the game, delay it 5 times and by then it will be 2018. I also understand that heaps of studio’s start creating the sequel as soon as a game is launched, they don’t generally need crowd funding though so we don’t know until much later.

    Having said this, slightly Mad is not a large development team and I’d like to think they are all still working to fix/change/improve the crap that’s wrong with Pcars1, not to mention the many free and paid DLC it needs to add in cars and tracks. For this reason I’m going to click join on the unimpressed group.

  • I understand but if they do the smart thing so the DLC and such will also be possibly usable in the next game they could really rock the foundation of the way car games have worked in the past, and crowdfunding isn’t an instant thing its not like the game is arriving tomorrow or anything there are the natural delays and setbacks. Project is a very ambitious game, i’m enjoying it immensely, while I would love more cars ( which i’m sure are on the way) you can as a company ( even a small one) work on more than one thing, its still a way off yet and if they start the ground work now i can’t wait to see what they make for number 2

  • I wonder if Project Cars 2 will be a re-release of Project Cars 1 except without the endless bugs. This game made it clear of one massive problem with buying digital copies of games… can’t return it when it is sh!t.

    • wonder if they will also fix the over the top aggressive AI. Or AI speeding through corners without slowing down at all…..

    • Yes but if most of the people who purchased it think it is rubbish the second version might not sell as well. I for one would rather put my eyes out with a soldering iron than give those muppets another cent!

      • Really? Well, personally, I really like the game. What didn’t like about it, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • Sorry for the late reply…..On xbox one it had a bucket load of glitches. For example the sound would just randomly turn into a high volume digital squeal, go karts would randomly go to full lock on the steering, menu page would let you go through tabs to the left but not right. There were others but that was the first thing that came to mind.

          I started a career and it was basically impossible to get beyond the go-kart stage due to the steering randomly going full lock… that pretty much wrote it off for me. You pay 100 bucks for a game and it annoys you within 10 minutes and the bug fixes took about a month to filter through.

          • Huh. Can’t say I encountered any of those bugs, although I did encounter a very annoying one of my own that randomly muted the audio until you quit or restarted. It wasn’t game breaking, but still, one wonders how this stuff can happen.

  • I kind of think their revenue model made this inevitable… didn’t it?

    Like, they promised revenue share with the backers, which means they don’t get to carry profits forward to support development of the next game like a normally funded studio would.
    If they’re not raising money, then they’re not getting paid… at least, that’s how I understand it.

  • are the going to fix the first one though?
    some people, like me, can’t play it at all!

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