PS4’s Newest MMO Is Hilariously Broken

PS4’s Newest MMO Is Hilariously Broken

Wander is an MMO that doesn’t feature any combat. That sounds pretty interesting, right? Too bad it seems completely broken.

The game just came out on PlayStation 4 and PC for $US25, and players have been brutal so far — with good reason. Searching “Wander” on YouTube brings you exciting titles like “Save Your Money Not Worth It” and “Worst Game of This Generation”. The second one seems a bit hyperbolic, buuuut…

I’ve sifted through a bunch of players covering the game’s launch, and it’s not a pretty picture. There are glitches that slip through every game that ever ships, but Wander is a total mess right now. You’re constantly clipping through the world, and it crashes all the time. (Some folks have had success re-installing the game, but that shouldn’t be a requirement in this day and age, you know?)

I mean, this is a game with an option called “Can’t move?” to reset your position. It’s as though the developers knew players were going to run into problems, so they built a cheat code into Wander.

I’ve never seen anything like that before.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, too. Thanks to the following videos for what you’re about to see:

Acts of teleportation!

The ability to levitate above objects!


Why walk up stairs when you can walk through stairs?!

I’m going to assume this is a magic spell that lets you see through things?

You know, this one doesn’t need any words, really.

Maybe you shouldn’t buy Wander?

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