PSA: The GoG Sale Has Begun

PSA: The GoG Sale Has Begun

Presumably hoping to get a head start on the Steam Summer Sale, Good Old Games’ sale has just launched and has some epic deals. Prepare your wallets.

As if there wasn’t already enough in Gaming Land to soak up our time. And boy, some of these games will take up time.

How about the amazing and fantastic Legend of Grimrock 2 for $7.89? We wrote about that one not too long ago. It’s pretty much the bees knees.

Or a Riddick game for $3.99? They’re all decent.

World of Goo for $3.19? Yep, yep, yep.

So many good PC games, so many of them DRM free, and even GoG’s flagship Witcher 3 is discounted despite its super-recent release.

Have a browse on their front page, where new deals will be popping up periodically. And may the gods of overspending be kind to you.


  • Nothing I’m interested in but it’s still nice to see platforms other than Steam doing some great PC game deals.

  • This is beyond perfect. After all the Witcher 3 hype I’ve been wanting to play the series. Was going to buy the first yesterday for $13. Now it’s $2.Woo!

    • Apparently there’s still a couple days left in the ‘preorder’ deal that buying Witcher 3 gets you Witcher 1 & 2 for free?

  • Good buys for those who have not picked them up yet.
    -Bastion (surprised if you have missed this one to begin with)
    -Apotheon (unique side scroller, cool side of the greek vase design)
    -Trine series (pretty, fun, platformer)
    -Baldurs gate series (for the nostalgia mainly)
    -Banner saga (turn based viking inspired,stop frame animation style)

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