Remember This?

Well done to Beavwa, who at the end of last week correctly guessed that the game was Kirby's Dream Land. I had you stumped for a full two minutes, before that comment was made. Then you destroyed everything I had built. Now for today's!

Good luck!


    Robin to the Rescue

    Castlevania: The Adventure?

    Sorry forgot "The", derp :)

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      I wondered why this was infuriatingly familiar

      11 minutes. Apparently the clouds from Kirby are more familiar to everyone hahaha.

      Damn, you posted while i was logging in :(

      Congrats though

        Same timestamps, we both got it same time. Shared victory! Well done :)

    Tiny Toon Adventures: Bab's Big Break for gameboy. I know it's wrong....but c'mon, how good was that game, seriously?

    Tetris on Game boy or Super Mario world on game boy.

    Isnt that a shot of the brickwall i hit while playing The Witcher3 ? Combat so lackluster.

    Did Serrells get fired or something? Am I the only one that noticed Junglist took over Marks posts?

      I'm 90% sure Serells went on a 3 week holiday. It is also possible that Junglist has him locked in a cupboard and is getting Mark to write articles for him while claiming credit.

    Jacket Zipper Tycoon?

    Looks a little like boulderdash but that was c64 and most levels had black backgrounds

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