Remember This?

Looks like Beavwa is two for two, as yesterday's game was indeed Tetris. I thought I might catch you guys out with that little bit of wall there. Next time, Gadget! Now for today's.

Good luck!


    Biker Mice from Mars! (sorry guys. been a busy week)

    Guess I'll go with Metroid 2 for the black background.

      That's what I was going to guess only due to the black background.

    Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge maybe

    NFI, I'm just going to say Rapor Call Of The Shadows. Becuase how good was that game!!

      Lol, read your typo as Raper : Call of the Shadows. which actually is an apt subtitle

    Again i am going with Super Mario world on the Game boy looks like spider webs from the things that are coming down in some of the underground levels.

    Donkey Kong Land?

      Aww, that was my guess, too! Made me think of the ropes in that game.

    I'll be wrong but graphics look like Gun Fight or Sub hunt, maybe an arcade game from that era.

    Aww man, I want to say it's that DOS game where you split bubbles in half by shooting a chain upwards, but I can't remember the name :(

    EDIT: Buster Bros! As usual, tip of the tongue resolves itself as soon as you admit it

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    For some reason I can't shake the feeling this is Prince of Persia

    Indiana Jones and the last crusade on the game boy!


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    Would make sense with the recent batch of Gameboy games being put up :) and it looks like a good match!

    i wanna go with a black and white pitfall.

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