Remember This?

So, decoy jumped in after only 6 minutes with the correct answer, being Earthworm Jim. Although Batguy rightly points out that technically, it was Earthworm Jim 2 :P Or was it Biker Mice From Mars? Could have sworn I saw a convincing image to that effect. Now for today's!

Good luck!


    I'm getting a Mega Drive vibe

    One of the Nes Casltevanias?

    I think it's the first one.

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      Yeah I would be thinking a Castlevania.. or maybe something like Boulderdash.

      The bricks are deliberately cropped so another texture or sprite would probably give it away.

      Yup, That's got to be it:

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        Slightly different, has 4 little spikes at the base, above only has 3.

          Well that might narrow it down to Castlevania, just which one is it? :)

          Try this one:

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            Changed my mind, it's not it, above pic looks to have a lot more detail. From a newer system.

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              I'm convinced it's Castlevania 3 just don't know the platform.

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                I also think the original photo has been stretched from a really low res screenshot which doesn't help us.

                Yeah, I'm on the Castlevania 3 side of this argument :)

            It could be a ruse and be the remake on PS1!
            Its either CV 1 or 3 has to be I'll quit the internet if its not one of them.

    Dr Quandry for MacOS classic

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