Remember This?

Well it's kinda poetic really. On his last day covering Kotaku Australia, Junglist walks away, having confuddled the Remember This contingent. He walks into the sunset, safe/smug in the knowledge that he WON.

(Friday's Remember This was Arrow Flash on the Sega Megadrive by the way.)

Good luck with today's effort my dear friends.


    Samurai Showdown

        You're a freak :P Also found the actual screenshot for you (including blood!)

        I dont remember Throttle being in that.....meh, screenshots dont lie. Guess he was.

    Guys, how about we let the author let us know? Ruins the fun by giving it away, not to mention stealing Mark's thunder!!

    Its unfortunate that this game comes up when you search Google with it. It might be a good idea to check if Google search doesn't pick it up before you post them?

    Sorry Double dragon 2 or 3, gfx too good for 1 except as a remake

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