Remember This?

So I choose an image that is basically a single green texture and somehow Decoy still guesses it. Jesus.

So well done Decoy you goddamn machine, yesterday's game was Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and I have no earthly idea how it was guessed. I was settling myself in for the long haul on this one.

Good luck with today's effort my dear friends.


    NFI... but it's a bit early isn't it? :)

      Haha, I saw the post and thought "holy hell the day has gotten away from me, is it lunch time already?"

      Then I remembered that time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

    Eternal Darkness? or some form of Resident Evil?

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      I was thinking the first temple in eternal darkness.

    Google thinks:
    Final Fantasy IX

    ps. I'll be doing this from now on ;)
    edit 2: Will do later in the day even though it is in a spoiler tag...

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      I saw that too, but I think it's totally off the mark. Image doesn't look 3d at all...

      If you do, wait till later in the day to post it. Give those that want to play a little time to get their guesses in

        That's what the spoiler tag is for. People who don't want to know won't click it, and people that would use it to cheat would have done a Google Image Search anyway.

    Pretty sure I'm wrong, but Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis?

      First thing that I thought of too. That or Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

        I actually thought the Dig first, but the glowy dark tones take me back to when I bought this...

    Hugh Hefner & The Bunnies in HR Giger World 2: The Fallacy

    It's FF9. By the looks of it, Iifa Tree or Cleyra in battle texture maps. Forgot how bad they can look these days but the game is still awesome

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    Hey! what is this sorcery? changing the times on me like this in order for me to fail i see! Well Biker Mice from Mars!

    Last edited 11/06/15 11:50 am

      I dont even look at the image any more. Just here for your comments.

    Ape Escape or Thief or perhaps 18th century victorian mansion creator that looks like an old ass table leg.

    Well, I never played FFIX, so I'm going to guess Quest for Glory, either 3 or 4.

    Final Fantasy 7? Reminds me of the furniture in the abandoned mansion where you find Vincent

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