Remember This?

Well, it looks like we need a day two for Friday's Remember This! Yay!

And for reference, here's Friday's clue:

Good luck everyone!



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      Google Image Search couldn't get the first days image amirite?

        huehuehue u r right

          Well maybe I've got it wrong but anyone can image search it but I think the idea is you're supposed to try guess it or work out what it is manually.

          Maybe throw some spoilers on it at least next time.

            Well, if I didn't admit it, would you still assume I used it?
            Maybe they can make it trickier to stop that kind of thing from happening?

    I don't know but by the dithering and detail it definitely looks like a PS1 game.

    indianna jones

      It does put me in mind of the theatre Sofia's at, near the start of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis...

    Devil may cry or silent Hill but really reminds me of dmc

    Getting a serious PSX vibe off the graphics. Almost thinking MDK.

    the graphics look kinda rough for it, but Blade Runner on PC.

    Taking a stab...Prince of Persia? one of the older ones of course...

    Its Apocalypse for the PS1. How the hell anyone was supposed to guess that, I don't know.

      So... you didn't guess this one?

        The new image portion results in a positive match from Google Image search, I'm assuming that's what he's referring to.

    Looks like Tomb Raider III - one of the London levels.

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