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Well, it's difficult to tell who legitimately guessed yesterday's Remember This and who did because google searching appeared to be rampant.

I'll just say that the game was Anno 1606 and leave it there. I was sort of running on the honour system here, but maybe I can't do that anymore. Shame. Even if readers are being honest and using the spoiler tags, it's still ruining the fun. Considering going back to ScribbleTaku for a while to sort of weed it out.


    Not saying you can reverse search this, but...

    you can't. Good job Serrels! My guess is Powerslave.

    Even if readers are being honest and using the spoiler tags, it’s still ruining the fun.


      Pretty much applies to the entire 'gamer' community in general....
      A few douchebags ruining it for everyone else

      Kinda pissed because I finally knew a game legitimately for the first time in ages. It did spoil it for me. I played the shit out of Anno 1602 as a kid ;_;

      Or here is a suggestion, actually take a screenshot of the games himself so that it won't appear on a google search?

      Why would u guess it when it's already been won by the person who got on here first and googled it?

    Ooh this is a tough one. No idea, so I'm just going to go with Ocarina of Time.

      I was thinking the same. Very N64 feel

    Biker Mice from Mars

      Because of you I actually played Biker Mice from Mars to completion a few weeks back. I can understand why you like it so much.

    Prince of Persian sands of time.

    Fully expected a FF7 or Shenmue type thing,

    Last edited 17/06/15 12:36 pm

    Donkey Kong 64?


      Damn it...I was about to say this. Hope we're/you're right.

    Banjo Tooie

    I'll take a random stab at Diddy Kong Racing.

    I'm totally for Scribbletaku again! That was the best and we could submit our own :D

    Since this is being shutdown ill reveal how ive been getting quite a few hits recently.

    With most games i see if the screenshot is either a 2d background, isometric or 3d.
    2d backgrounds are the hardest to find since they are across a lot of platforms but usually that means oldschool pc story game or PS1 game (maybe a fighter).
    isometric are almost always pc games and 3d games can be ps, xbox or 64.
    The ps1 had a horrible render that made gfx work and move a lot. The 64 had smooth corners but low quality textures.

    Essentially id try and guess the platform based on the pic and then google *Platform screenshot* and filter by colour.

    For example "Samurai Showndown's" remember this: "" i googled "PS1 Fighting Games". Set the filter to brown since the wall would have been brown and its only 3 or 4 pages down.

    Same for the "Kirby's Crystal Palace" remember this that mark was schocked i could find. It looked like a 3d game. Bright textures and simple ones at that. Likely a 64 game. I Googled "Nintendo 64 Screenshot". Set filter to green and once again it was only about 3 pages down.

    Wiki helps when ur stuck as u can just google "Isometic Games list pc" and it will gave one for u. Works with any genre and is usually date sorted too. Pick some of the more popular titles and see if u find a match.

    And lastly some platforms have distinct colour schemes. Sega has a deep blue colour you see in a lot of its games. 64 is colourful and bright almost all the time PS1 has horrible texture rendering etc.

    So i wouldn't call this cheating as i'm actively searching for it using clues from the pictures. But it's been a good ride :)

      BOOOO. But yeah, that's just solid google-fu right there. Not pissed, just miffed at yesterday's because I looked at it and straight away thought Anno without any guess work required. Damn that game was fun :D I wouldn't mind if they remade it to be honest!

        Not a remake, but announced yesterday:

          I did notice that, thanks Matthew :D I'm still a bit iffy after the last anno installment though. The whole forcing me down one tech path or the other really grated on me :/

      That's fine though.. you're not getting a recognition engine to do the work and 'reading' out the result.

        Yeah, I agree. Nothing dodgy there, just solid research based on documented principles and stages.

        Totally just thought of the machine from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "I am now telling the machine exactly what it can do with a lifetime supply of chocolate."

    Going with the Big Things from E3 vibe...

    Combining the new Rare game, and the publisher for Fallout:

    Sea Dogs

    The image kinda looks like the cross beam and sail of a ship, to me at least.

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