Remember This?

Taking this bad boy to day two, since no-one guessed it correctly on Monday. I think this second clue is gonna make it a little too easy though...

And here's Friday's clue to help you all out.

Good luck everyone!


    The last of us? - Gah it's already been said!!

    No idea then :P Virtua Cop!

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    Biker Mice from Mars!

    p.s. going on holiday for a week so no BMM from me till mid next week. That means Mark don't you dare think about sneaking one in there! ILL KNOW

      Certainly dedicated. When it does eventually happen the internet will likely go crazy over the story. :)

        Has happened I think 3 times now? Always a laugh when someone beats decoy then redacts their post so he gets the credit :D

          No I meant when Mark finally decides to put up a Biker Mice image.

            That's what I meant. They've had the Biker Mice from Mars games over the years show up a few times :)

              really.... wow, have never seen one listed. Thanks.

                Yeah I missed one late last year. @decoy has a list I believe :P




                  I need more. MORE!

    I'm thinking this looks like a Zelda game.

    So, based on the accuracy of my past guesses - this is definitely not a Zelda game!

    GTA 3

    Assassin's creed 2/3/4. The part that's set in the present.

    BLACK. One of the best 1st person shooters on the PS2. To be followed up years later by Bodycount, one of the worst 1st person shooters on the PS3. Go figure.

    I'm getting a half-life 2 vibe, seems very source enginey to me... just very, very low resolution, which means it's probably something older.

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