Remember This?

Well done to GeorgeMichael, who managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Shenmue — a bit of a toughie that one.

Good luck friends!


    The Dig?

    Edit: More specifically where you have to put that stupid contraption together to open the door - spent so freaking long trying to figure that one out... could be somewhere else, but that's my guess.

    Last edited 23/06/15 12:23 pm

      This is the location I'm thinking... tone seems about right.

        ohh nah, I think it's part of a door in the long corridor? Not completely sure, but the shapes dont quite fit that room

      Must be that time of the year again, where mark posts the dig and it is the one day shane isn't here to jump on it first

        Shane has been absent a lot from the remember this game.

      Totes the dig Recognised it instantly

    World of Warcraft? I'm picking up a Silithid Hive vibe?

    Battletoads! or Another World.

    Last edited 23/06/15 1:01 pm

    I finally got a Remember This, I can now cross it off my bucket list.

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