Remember This?

Goddammit. I knew the screenshot was too purple. Congrats to everyone — and I mean everyone — who guessed that yesterday's Remember This was The Dig. Special congrats to cffndncr who guessed first!

In retaliation, please have this super vague screenshot for today's Remember This.

Good luck friends.


    Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest

    Last edited 24/06/15 12:21 pm

    Super Empire Strikes Back

    Getting a prince of persia kinda vibe but pretty sure that isn't it

    Dead Rising? (looks like the shadow of that lego head you can wear)


    Could be the Sierra Madre Casino in Fallout: New Vegas, the colour palette looks about the same.

    The Hunt for Red October the Photography Video Game!!!

    GTAV or MGS4/5!

    Artifacting and the size of the image makes it really difficult for me to make out the image but I'm thinking a big gas tank or a silo or some sort.

    Last edited 24/06/15 1:00 pm

    Tomba! / Tombi! (depending on localisation)

    In keeping with E3, Final Fantasy 7

    Reminds me of the cityscape in Beneath a Steel Sky. Colour palette looks about right, but might not be pixelated enough.

    Reminds me of Hitman. But then again everything reminds me of Hitman. Man I loved those first 4 games.... Lets hope #6 is good.

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