Reminder: Steam Is Having A Sale And It Could Still Break You

It's E3 week, so it's pretty easy to forget about everything outside of that bubble. But I'm here to give you a little reminder: Steam is still having a massive sale, and it still has the potential to break. you. down.

As with a lot of these sales, it can be a case of the usual suspects. Like, as cheap as Terraria is ($2.49) that game has been on sale almost as much as Bastion or Braid.

But here are some of the current on-sale games that jumped out at me...

The Talos Principle

66% Off $13.59 I've been meaning to play this forever. Might be a good chance to try it out.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

66% Off $11.20 You rarely see this one on sale. I guess that's why it jumped out at me.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

75% Off $4.99 Many call this an overpriced demo, but there's a lot of meat in it, particularly for completionists.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition

66% Off $16.99 Let's be real. You already have this game. But if you don't...

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series

50% Off $14.99 I'm considering this. Anyone here playing?

That's my picks. What have you picked up?


    Picked up off world trading co and company of heroes 2 today. Banished and pillars of eternity are good pick ups if you haven't already played them. I picked up crusader kings 2 the other day (after getting a refund the week before the sales) and have been playing that, after watching a bunch of youtube tutorials that game is really great for the price if it comes up again on sale.

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    I'm astounded that I haven't bought anything yet... this self control thing is so fething hard...

      You've already bought everything I guess! Time to start gifting! :p

        I do own quite a lot.. that does help... Plus previous sales have spoilt me far too much so now I only buy stuff when it's 70%+ off haha

      Another Tanith!

      And I thought I was the only one ;_;

        I'm actually seriously considering cosplaying as one for PAX.... haha

    Mark, $15 for Game of Thrones is a steal! 4 of the 6 episodes are already out and admittedly while I haven't played 4 yet, 1-3 have been really solid.

      +1 - easily one of Telltale's best titles. I'm working through The Wolf Amoung Us (again, on Vita) and Tales from the Borderlands as well at the moment, but Thrones is by far-and-away one of their most solid stories.

    I've bought a bunch of stuff so far The Fall, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars, Alien: Isolation, Invisible, Inc. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, Valkyria Chronicles, Child of Light, Tales from the Borderlands, Sir, You Are Being Hunted and a few little games like Nidhogg

    Tossing up on getting Banished, think I might but will see what comes on else tomorrow I think. I do enjoy a good city builder.

      Jesus, that poor, poor wallet....

        It's trembling in the corner and I look through my 3 digit wishlist

    Dammit, I was doing so well and holding out this time round... and you just had to bring up The Talos Principle. The rags that just got chucked out the window? Oh, that was my self-control.

    other than some flash sale gifting like a $1 copy of How To Survive +DLC for a friend to play co-op, I've been spending a lot more in the concurrent GOG sale with a lot of wishlist items going for $2 or less

      I didn't know GOG had a sale too!!! Damn it - now I am going to actually spend money...

        yeah they've been rolling dailies and such for the past week or so - some of the ones I jumped on were $2 for Cannon Fodder and Kyrandia titles, $1.50ish each for the Crusader games - I think I've spent around $30 for maybe 20 or so games, plus there are a couple of milestones that entitle you to freebies of SimCity 2000 and a couple of others

    I've only bought Darkest Dungeons, Valkyria Chronicles and Astebreed as they've come up as part of daily deals/flash sales. I have over 40 things on my wishlist but nothing has really been a "Must own now" affair.

    Other noteworthy titles currently in a flash sale for another 11 hours:

    Mark of the Ninja 85% off ($2.24 USD - excellent platformer and best stealth game I've played, period)
    Bulletstorm 78% off ($4.39 USD - I liked it, I recommend it for a laugh, shakes up the FPS formula pretty well)
    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 76% off ($4.79 USD - great price for a great game, though I've seen it cheaper)
    Broken Sword 5 80% off ($4.99 - if you're a fan of the series and haven't gotten around to 5 yet, now's your time!)

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      Does Bulletstorm still use GFWL?

        yeah, cause nobody in control seems to have any interest in supporting it (unlike Capcom porting things like Dead Rising 2, or DoubleFine fighting to regain the rights for Trenches - which is GFWL-free now)

        I did spot somewhere on the forum though a post about a file that at least tricks the game into not trying to find GFWL for if you're one of the unfortunates it won't work properly for.

    I've recently also found third party sites that sell Steam keys quite cheaply. Worth keeping an eye out on those while looking at the Steam sales - sometimes the discounts aren't really what they seem.

      Need to be careful about those sites, they usually work by buying the game via another country taking advantage of currency conversion to buy the games where they're relatively cheap then issuing you a gift code. Steam has recently taken steps to block gifting between certain regions to stop this kind of thing.

        Yeah I thought as much. I haven't actually hit any of them up yet, but I'll def be careful.

          Almost always it is stated on the game's page if the game is region locked or something like that. And even if it is region locked, you have links to VPN apps(free ones) witch u can use to activate and/or play the games. Sometimes you only need to activate them by a VPN connection, and afterwards play them normally. Just read the page carefully :) for example there is a Paypal Mid Week-Sale now on g2a and you can find Batman Arkham Knight for 22€. And if ypu can/want to use a VPN the game costs 13€ :) . Screw WB with their 100€ game+season pass(for 6 months only, there will be another one for 40€, i can bet on it).

        it's usually fine if you stick to the better established ones like IndieGala, GreenManGaming and BundleStars isn't it?

          I've used GreenMan and G2Play more times than I can count, never had an issue once.

    I have yet to be broken... mostly because I'm poor.

    Damnit... I resisted buying anything today, and you just made me realize I don't have a PC version of Skyrim and I need it in my life.

    Grabbed Gunpoint for $1.99 (can't refuse at that price)

    Also grabbed Ironcast for $7.49 - this wasn't on my wishlist and hadn't seen it before, but looked interesting and has turned out really good (it's like a steampunk version of Puzzle Quest).

      Gunpoint is great. I grabbed it for a similar discount a while back and loved it. Kinda wish I'd given them more money for it in hindsight.

    Fellas, you might want to check out the latest humble bundle. It's..... interesting....

    I waited until Shadow of Mordor was 50% off, then bought the vanilla version from OzGameShop and the GOTY update from Steam. It was much cheaper that way.

    This sale has been hard on me. I bought Valkyria Chronicles, Elite: Dangerous, Grow Home and Ground Zeroes.

    You could pick up "Planetary Annihilation" and discover why nobody plays it anymore AND why the developers subsequant kickstarter fundraising campaign failed.

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