Report: Miyazaki Returning For Dark Souls 3

Report: Miyazaki Returning For Dark Souls 3

According to an unconfirmed report from an unnamed source, Dark Souls 3 will be announced at E3, with original series auteur Hidetaka Miyazaki at the helm.

As that last sentence suggests, this is to be taken with a massive grain of salt. Remember when Homer had the Stone of Triumph attached? Like, that big a grain. We’ll see at E3 if VG247‘s source is legit.

But if true, this is a huge deal. As fantastic as Dark Souls 2 was, there’s a certain magic to games that Miyazaki takes the lead on. He’s got the Midas touch, and really knows how to tie a world together. The whole franchise is kind of a result of his experiences and vision.

However, from Demon’s Souls all the way to Dark Souls 2, the series has become less experimental and less broken along the way. Part of why we incessantly laud Dark Souls is because of that experimentation and innovation — even though it’s often paired with ideas that don’t work out (no one likes to talk about the Bed of Chaos). Would we see the same experimentation in Dark Souls 3?

Time will tell. All eyes are on the Bandai Namco booth, now.



  • I’d be surprised if this turns out to be true, as so far it seems like Miyazaki wants to create new worlds with each game. Ofcourse it could all be coincidence, Demons’ Souls to Dark Souls was out of his control, and Dark Souls to Bloodborne was due to the opportunity with Sony, but as much of a Dark Souls fan I am, I think I’d honestly prefer him to be working on something new (or even a Bloodborne sequel) rather than a new Dark Souls.

    • What’s to stop them creating a new world? What defines a Dark Souls game? We’ve only had one direct Souls sequel and it was very different to its predecessor. Why would it be different now?

      • I was more thinking of the contrast between Dark Souls and Bloodbourne. While the game’s structure is inherently similar, the game worlds have totally different art direction, concepts and themes behind them.

        Dark Souls 2 is a different world from Dark Souls 1 (though, not really in the end), and I have no doubt that it would be the same case for Dark Souls 3, but the same dark-fantasy tropes will be the main theme for the games, and I would just be keen to see where Miyazaki’s inspiration would lead next.

        Of course, there’s every chance that if he came back to Souls, then DS3 would be the most stand-out and unique game of the series.

  • Fallout 4 and DS3 in one morning, clearly I have woken to some alternate reality.

    oh well I am off to pat the unicorns and feed the griffons now.

    what’s that? can I hear a hype train fast approaching? better get my ticket then.. choo choo!

  • Man I hope this is true …

    I love Souls to the degree I’m a ‘more of the same please’ guy atm…

    • Couldn’t agree more. People tend to say they want new experiences from Miyazaki and I think Bloodborne is a good example of that paying off, but I will be happy with just about anything from this guy. No matter what the title is if the game has the same core mechanics I’m sold.

  • Every time I read Miyazaki, I think of Hayao from Studio Ghibli. And it really confuses me when it’s in the context of Dark Souls.

    • Yep. Though if it were him I’d pay any amount of money to see what the game ended up like.

  • I’m not sure how to feel about this. Bloodborne showed me that I’m done with the standard Souls game formula and want something fresh. I’m hoping they will take a few pages from Dragon’s Dogma and add cllimbable monsters. That and a fresh ability and levelling system wold re-invigorate me. Maybe even make it all gear reliant rather than having levels.

  • Hope it’s true.

    I love Bloodborne, but I think I prefer the sword/shield medieval type theme.


    Start-game: choice between agile light character (Bloodborne style) or heavyset beefcake (sword and board DS standard). Two entirely and permanently separate character types, each with their own upgrade paths and equipment set.

    I’ve come to really rely on the dodge mechanic in Bloodborne, and it’s going to be hard to go back from that. Ever.

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