RIP Sir Christopher Lee

RIP Sir Christopher Lee

Veteran actor Sir Christopher Lee, star of The Lord of the Rings films, The Wicker Man and the Star Wars prequels, has passed away at the age of 93.

The Telegraph reports he died in hospital as a result of "respiratory problems".


    Yeah, apparently he died last sunday but his family kept it quiet so the entire family could find out first. Very dignified and very sad. A truly incredible man, it's worth finding out about his history, he's a man like no other. Hunted Nazis, was in WW2, an actor... a man of many extreme talents. A life well lived and a family well loved by him and him by them. What more can you ask for at the end of your life than to look back and see that? Thank you Christopher for everything, rest in peace.

      No mention of his amazing metal albums? Tsk tsk.

      Dude was awesome. There are few like he.

        I heard another make passing mention of these elsewhere. What were they?

          He actually recorded a couple of metal albums a few years ago. apparently, they're quite good.

    Such a terrible loss but as weresmurf mentions the man lived a truly fascinating and distinguished life. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

    R.I.P Sir Christopher. Thank you for the kick arse Saruman.

    That's a damn shame may he rest in peace.

    RIP to 1 of thee most gothic actors of all time

    Incredibly sad. A life lived to the fullest, however. His talents will be missed. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

    My first memory that springs to mind is that sweeping shot of him atop Isengard, arms outstretched, with that incredible voice booming as he chants incantations to waylay Gandalf and co. That voice. Amazing.

    Dude was a trooper. He was 93. That means he was in his 80's during LOTR. Wow.

    I remember him best for two films. City of the Dead and Funnyman.
    Funnyman being a film on DVD I worked on for the guys who produced it. He was always really random like that. He always said he retired from his Hammer Horror life but then he'd read a script and then turn up in the weirdest corners of the horror world and do his thing for free, as he did with that film. All they payed were two sandwiches and a cup of coffee upon meeting him and gave an awesome performance even if it was only for a couple of minutes :). RIP

    Vale, Sir Christopher. The voice and the piercing glare will never be replicated.

    The man was a titan of the entertainment industry. He did everything.

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