Rock Band 4 Preorders Begin, Time To Hunt For Old Instruments

Rock Band 4 Preorders Begin, Time To Hunt For Old Instruments

The next generation of Rock Band launches October 6, and instrument bundles now up for preorder — $US130 for the guitar and $US250 for guitar, mic and drums. Sounds like a good time to hunt for used instruments!

I know, I know — stop preordering games. While Luke Plunkett hates the practice with a passion, I still find it has its practical uses, especially for expensive items at retailers that allow you to put down a little cash here and there. That's how I buy my new consoles when they launch — $US50 down, $US50 here and there when I have some spare change, and by launch day I am set.

Rock Band 4 for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 with the full band kit surely falls into that price range. The $US130 guitar bundle is a little steep compared to Guitar Hero Live's $US100 bundle, but then Guitar Hero Live requires a new controller, and Rock Band 4 let's you plug in your classic guitar.

Rock Band 4 Preorders Begin, Time To Hunt For Old Instruments

Your classic guitar, drums and mic will work for Rock Band 4, and should you not have them, surely someone does. GameStop, eBay and anyone else who would take them were flooded with plastic instruments as the rhythm game craze sputtered out a couple of years back, and a full compliment of used working equipment (including an additional guitar) can likely be had for far less than the retail bundle. Then you just have to scrape up $US60 or so for the game alone.

Then again, there's something to be said about opening a shiny new box and assembling your arsenal come launch day. I'll probably re-up. If all else fails my children can use the box to play their favourite game, tiny baby coffins. I am sure the folks at Harmonix and Mad Catz are positively thrilled I just associated their bundles with a game called "tiny baby coffins."

Addendum: Mad Catz PR dropped a line to mention that the only way to secure the new hardware at launch is to preorder — they say supplies will be incredibly sparse.

For more info on Rock Band 4 preorders, the newly-announced freestyle guitar solos (where's mah drum solos?) and the latest announced songs ("Shooting down the walls of heartache, bang bang), here is a website.


    How long will i be-able to play the game before they start taking away the music and i can't play it.

    Got a band set preordered on amazon. I need a new guitar at least. Hype!

    Last edited 18/06/15 7:42 am

    Last year I tried to find a set of xb360 rb2 drums, it was impossible to find some locally. I was deeply considering importing a set from the US at huge expense...

    Are these even coming to Australia? I'm guessing not any time soon. :/

      I'd expect them to be impossible to find, as RB2 was never officially released here.

        The Beatles set was sold here, same drums.

        I imported my copy of rb2, but really, really wanted the quieter drum heads and beefier pedal of the rb2 kit. By the time the Beatles version was out I was living in a tiny apartment and couldn't afford to make noise.

        But now, now I'm ready to be loud again!

    It uses the old instruments? Awesome, time to dig them out of the cupboard.

      Just make sure to check they still work. All mine seem to have died in one way or another.

    Has anyone come out and said GH gear will work also? They're all I have, but they worked fine with RB 1 through 3. Don't love the idea of having to pre-order from Amazon. Shipping will be killer.

    Last edited 18/06/15 1:39 pm

    I'm just waiting for EB to hopefully put out the pre order. Even if the guitar bundle is like 200 bucks, I'd get it for sure.

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