Screw Wally, Let's Find Pikachu

Screw Waldo, Let's Find Pikachu

Where's Pikachu? Others have been finding the character. Maybe you can too! Believe in yourself. I do.

Over the years, images like this are have been made for desktops. Yesterday, Twitter user Yavazin asked people to retweet the image if they find Pikachu. (Click in the upper corner to enlarge the image.)

Screw Waldo, Let's Find Pikachu

Pictures: GaiaOnline and Yavazin

So far, the image has been retweeted over 10,000 times.

If you think this one is easy, try finding Pikachu in here:

Screw Waldo, Let's Find Pikachu

[Via Uncyclopedia]

Or here:

Screw Waldo, Let's Find Pikachu

[Via Backgrounds]



    first two were found within 10 seconds but damn that last image... cant find him :(

      Ok, found him but its a complete setup. less than 40% is showing and no eyes at that too!

        Same, on both counts
        Found 1st 2 really easily, last one I found fairly quickly but took a while to finally say "Yep, thats it"

        Wow. I got that one almost instantly. Total fluke. I just happened to be looking right at his cheek when the image opened. I think it would have taken me ages otherwise.

      I found all of them pretty quickly, but definitely the first two were easier.

    1st and last took me no time but the second took me the longest.

    Nice - these will keep my 4 year old occupied for aages!

    Well since I have no idea what pikachu looks like (and you couldn't be bothered including a picture) I can randomly point in the pictures and say "there".
    No links to pictures showing where YOU say pikachu is? Then how can you prove me wrong?

      With all due respect, it's fairly safe to say the vast majority of the visitors to a game-journalism (kek) site probably knows what Pikachu looks like.
      Even amongst the older generations who've never picked up a gameboy, he's probably iconic enough to recognise.

    The final image, he is left of the tail of the big white 'bird'? Pokemon, probably epic level one that ash saw at the beginning of the series. You can see pikachu's tail, his left cheek, and ear.

    Seven seconds for the first on and somehow two seconds for the second one :)
    They arnt quite good enough to buy for a nice canvas for my gf. Shame. One day i will find a perfect one. :)

    Found them super quick in each image. If only it was that easy in Viridian...

    Why would anyone want to find pikachu?

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