Sega’s Not Giving Up On Sonic Boom

Sega’s Not Giving Up On Sonic Boom

Despite Sonic Boom being the worst selling Sonic the Hedgehog game in history, Sega’s not giving up on the speedy blue guy. There’s a new 3DS game coming “later this year”.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is riffing on the Cartoon Network show that’s running right now, and centres around a new gameplay mechanic rooted in — you guessed it — fire and ice.

To create an entirely new experience, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will infuse fire and ice elements throughout gameplay, enabling new abilities to play out in special character moves and interactions with environments. The new title also delivers gameplay that enables players to run through the game at top speed, or take their time with deeper exploration and puzzle play.

New to the title is the introduction of Bot Racing, a supplemental game tied to the single player story with multiplayer gameplay. The new Bot Racing feature is an extension of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice that is purely about racing and speed, where a user will unlock character themed Bots to challenge friends on fast courses or tracks.

Sega’s Not Giving Up On Sonic Boom

As with most Sonic games, you’re not only playing as the blue guy. Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are also along for the ride too.


  • Please Sonic Team, just make a game where I can run fast and do loops and jump on top of mechanical animals.

    • They did. It was called Sonic 4, it was episodic, and it didn’t sell to good, so Sega stopped.
      Thought I enjoyed both.

      • What I would have loved would have been them sticking with Sonic Generations then simply releasing DLC for additional stages. That game was fantastic from both gameplay and nostalgia.

  • I didn’t realise Sonic Boom had even been released. I remember the ridicule after the reveal, and then nothing until this news story.
    Maybe they should invest in some marketing for the next one?

  • Just remake Sonic Adventure Battle 2. That game had everything. You could rush through it at full pace, or go slower and find hidden animals and areas etc, it had mech levels, racing levels…. it had achievements for speed run, completion, it had hard modes, it had chaos that you had to feed with elements u got from the levels, which made the levels replayable even more than they already were, it had multiplayer, man that game was great.

    • First of all, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, not the other way around. That game is already a remake. And to be brutally honest, SA2 isn’t as great as everyone makes it out to be. It’s too short, the voice acting, once again, is not particularly great, there’s a ton of glitches, the story isn’t particularly interesting…

      I would support another Adventure-style game, but only if they also had a proper 2D series (not another Sonic 4 episode, that game was awful). The plots shouldn’t be to OTT, I mean it’s a game about a blue hedgehog that can run at the speed of sound FFS, the new voice actors are bearable, so there’s no problem there and they should use Unleashed’s level structure. That’s all I have to say.

  • Sonic Generations, while not perfect, was really, really good. I wish SEGA would continue more along those lines

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