Shenmue 3 Is Real, Already On Kickstarter

Shenmue 3 Is Real, Already On Kickstarter

You want Shenmue 3? You'll get it. If you pay for it.

This isn't a spin-off. It's a proper sequel. After all these years, all these rumours, it's happening.

Shenmue 3 Is Real, Already On Kickstarter

So long as it hits its target, that is. You can pledge for the game here, Sega fans. Be warned: it's looking for a cool $US2 million, so don't take this for granted just yet.

It's intended for PC and PS4.

Shenmue 3 Is Real, Already On Kickstarter
Shenmue 3 Is Real, Already On Kickstarter

More to come.



    Was wondering why they hadn't taken the crowd fund route earlier!

    The kickstarter went from 40k to 400k in about 10 minutes. I am pretty confident it will get funded.

    $US2 million is their first goal not counting stretch goals.
    "Don't take this for granted just yet."
    Already reached $US540,000 in 30 minutes.

    The kickstarter status page is pointing out Shenmue 3 for the website going down.

    It cost Sega US$47 million to produce the first game. While they might be able to reduce costs by using off the shelf game engines now, US$2 million seems incredibly low for the kind of game they're promising. I wonder where the rest of the money is coming from?

      Sony? Considering it's currently an exclusive to the PS4 console that might be where some of the money is coming from... and Sega? Sega's logo is in the video so assuming they're publishing...

        It's not PS4 exclusive, Kickstarter says PC is also a target platform for initial release.

      I think that kickstarter is working as a kind of proof of concept. Showing sony/sega that the demand for the game is out there and that people are willing to spend money on it. I expect that it will be fully funded by the end of the day and that its creation will be approved by the purse string holders by the end of the week

      It's being made with the Unreal 4 engine, which is very cheap.

        Still, with the 2.5 years they are estimating for the ship date that's US$0.8 million/year. Unless they have a tiny development team, that will get eaten by salary pretty quckly.

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          Agreed, but it wouldn't surprise me if their team was tiny. Suzuki has spent 14 years trying to get someone to fund the project, I'm betting he's shaved scope and staff to the bone to try to make it as minimal a risk to a publisher as possible. Story's already developed, engine is out of the box. I'm more surprised at a 2.5 year estimate than the asking amount.

    Just broke 1mil after about 2 hours of being live

    Just passed $1 million as I watched now. Including my own $60 pledge. I've NEVER pledged a Kickstarter project before, but Shenmue is special. To this day, 16 years after the original and 14 years after the sequel, there is STILL no game like it.

    Officially over a million $$$ backed this project.....
    The Kickstarter page for Shenmue has ONLY been live for a couple hours online!

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    it seems to be missing the 15m sstretch goal to have shenmue 1 and 2 rereleased with the new engine.

    But we already know how it ends

    Awwwww, I wanted a dreamcast version!

    Definitely want a re-release of 1 and 2. And it's kind of a shame that Shenmue 3 is DL-only for PS4.

    "don't take this for granted just yet"

    Hahahaha, it's at 1.5 million already within the first few hours. Was it ever in any doubt?

    Let's hope for some incredible stretch goals (1 and 2 HD remasters as well maybe?)

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    $2 million; it's officially backed at the time of this post!

    Now for the stretch goals! ..edging to $4,000,000.... ;-)

    2.2 MILLION NOW. The news that it's coming to PC makes me hopeful for a modern port of the first 2.

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