So That’s How LEGO Dimensions Will Keep Players Rebuilding

So That’s How LEGO Dimensions Will Keep Players Rebuilding

I was a little worried that LEGO Dimension‘s gadgets and vehicles would be one-time builds, toys you assemble once and then never touch again. As it turns out, every vehicle and gadget in the game has three different builds. Phew.

While I wouldn’t mind a game that treated LEGO minifigures like Skylanders, bringing them to life via a portal and being done with it, crafting a jet plane or time-travelling DeLorean and then never touching it again wastes half of the iconic toy’s functionality — yeah you can build, but you can also take apart and rebuild. For justice.

LEGO Dimensions’ vehicles and gadgets encourage rebuilding by giving each tiny set three configurations. You want Wonder Woman in a jet? Take apart the car and make one. Want to transform the Batmobile into a scorpion car? You’re nuts, but sure.

Hooray for toys we can actually play with instead of colourful statues.


  • I’d be totally down with this game… If everything didn’t cost a small fortune! $170 for the base game, then $25+ for every little sub set thing… Outrageous pricing just because it’s got the LEGO branding attached. For the price of this stuff, I’d rather just go and buy regular LEGO sets.

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