Some People Are Really Good At Dishonored

When I was younger I thought I was the best Goldeneye player in the world. I firmly believed that. Now we have the internet and every day we are beholden to how terrible we are at everything, even the things we're actually quite good at.

Point being: some people are really, really good at Dishonored.

And it makes for phenomenal viewing. Here is why I like games like Dishonored and the Metal Gear Solid games: they truly allow for pure performance. They allow you to play in supremely stylish ways. I think that's a stealth thing in general.

Regardless, even if you haven't played Dishonored — but even if you have — this is a super fun watch.


    Goldeneye was a great game. I played that thing to death and the awesome cheats you could unlock provided countless hours of fun. I was pretty darn good at it to. The only real metrics I had was that I nearly always won in multiplayer and I was able to unlock the invincibility cheat.

    Thank god there was no internet back in Goldeneye days, I think it would have killed the charm to some extent.

    I’ve never been very good at games, but I sank hundreds of afternoons into that game and my mate and I absolutely dominated the foolish challengers who talked shit at school. You can’t have been the worlds best Goldeneye player @markserrels because I WAS!

    It’s a little bit sad in a way that the internet ruins the joy of feeling good at something. I’ve got gold medals on all non-extreme tracks in Trials Fusion and my mates think I’m a ninja! As long as I stay off the global leaderboards I feel like one too…..

    Well given unlimited cooldown + practising the same routine for maybe a month to make a video that most likely been video edited to cut different runs into one to make a "perfect run" video is really not showing they are good. Just that they have too much time.

    That was awesome. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel.

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