Sony Announces Robot Dinosaur Game For PS4

Sony Announces Robot Dinosaur Game For PS4

Guerilla Games, long-time developers of Sony's Killzone series, are trying something new. They just announced Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game about dinosaurs. And cavemen. And the apocalypse.

It's set in the distant future, where the end of human civilisation (at least as it stands today) allows a damaged planet to rebuild, which means new plants and new animals.

And robot dinosaurs. Which you have to blow up. It's out next year.

Sony Announces Robot Dinosaur Game For PS4


    This just blew my mind watching it... want it right now damn it!!!!

      I know! Ygritte from Game of Thrones crossed with Enslaved crossed with Clan of the Cave Bear. Robot Laser Dinosaurs! I'm squeeing so hard right now :-D


    Looks cool but am I the only one who'd be happier with real dinosaurs instead of robo dinosaurs?

      Ark is already doing that now, and I like the idea of massive decaying cityscapes!

        But ark is a survival game not a narrative type thing. I like the decaying city scapes but I would rather organic dinosaur enemies

          It wouldn't explain why they (the tribal people) have a little bit of tech. I know, I'm putting realism into this game, which is a bit dumb, but I just don't think organic Dino's would work all that well. Opinions, opinions....

          They should have called it; Tomb Raider's Creed vs Geth!

      Design team meeting:
      “So you shoot things with a bow and spears for 20 hours? Won’t that get kinda boring?”
      “Yeah it will, this game needs guns or magic or something”
      “Won’t massive guns slaughter the Dinosaurs?”
      “Yeah…. Better make them Robo-Dinosaurs”

        I'm sold! Would much rather face off against Robosaurus in the aftermath of the apocalypse than yet another medieval fantasy themed game full of Tolkienistic tropes that have been absolutely done to death.

      yep, would prefer real ones. cant they do some sort of story about an experiment, time travel, splits time, causes the prehistoric and current time to mesh, years later, cities have crumbled, dinosaurs are real, humans are tribe based again something along those lines would be nice thanks.

        They don't have to base it off earth. Another reality where mankind fell and went back to tribes, but dinosaurs never died out and started to thrive.

        They already did, it was called Turok!

        Go play dino crisis

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    Okay, i've only seen the gif so far....but this seems like zoids to me :P

    This looks AMAZING! Big surprise, and so stoked that I own a PS4.

    Yeah! Enslaved 2!

      I know, right!? If only Andy Serkis is involved somehow... Did anyone pick the VA for the protagonist?

    It looks good, but I was finding it really annoying how the character was commenting on almost everything she was doing. I don't mind an odd comment every now and then but it felt like overkill

      "Hey, better be quiet here! I'd better NOT MAKE A SOUND!"

      It might be a case of tutorial mission syndrome. A great many games start off like this only to have it fade to an occasional quip here and there after a few hours of play. Also might be a publicity type thing, giving us an idea of the character without sitting down to a load of dialogue, a best of both worlds combat and character display.

      Yeah I can see the constant commentary becoming annoying. Ahem... Sonic Boom for Wii U... blergh

    Another reason for me to get a PS4.. but I'll wait till next year when this actually comes out. Love that the female protagonist isn't the typical super-model look-a-like.

    This just conjures up all kinds of want for it to be a Monster Hunter game mixed with Freedom Wars' sci-fi enemies and thorn system.

    that sounds exactly like a sequel to dino crisis from ps1. they should totally make a proper sequel to that game it was so good.

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