Spike Lee Is Writing A Video Game Campaign

Spike Lee Is Writing A Video Game Campaign

Welcome to 2015, everyone. Director Spike Lee has signed a deal with 2K where he'll be writing the singleplayer campaign for NBA2K16. The game's cover will even carry his trademark branding of a "Spike Lee joint"

Spike Lee Is Writing A Video Game Campaign

If this sounds weird, remember, NBA2K16's career mode isn't like your typical sports game. It's as much an RPG as an exercise in basketball simulation, with a storyline, characters and narrative cutscenes.

Lee says "It's about the trials and tribulations of life on a big stage with the money, fame, temptations, family members, the press, fans, all that stuff." Which is what every NBA2K career mode is about, so let's instead focus on the fact that the character's name will be "Frequency Vibrations".

Maybe that's just the default, like "Link", and everyone will replace it instantly (especially since 2K games have long let you cobble together commentated player names out of the NBA's existing roster).

But maybe it's not. And everyone will spend 10 months playing a video game where the main character is a 6'5" dude named Frequency Vibrations.


    Why not just make the campaign He Got Game Too?

    So will this game feature every white guy as a rich, racist asshole?

      So far every white person in the game is evil

    When I said I wanted Hollywood-level talent involved in video games, this isn't exactly what I was talking about.

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