Splatoon Is Hiding Some Creepy Secrets

Splatoon Is Hiding Some Creepy Secrets

It's pretty easy to miss Splatoon's creepiest moments. Had someone not pointed it out to me, I never would have noticed!

For the most part, Splatoon is a bright, happy game. But YouTuber Siertes has discovered that, if you happen to linger too long on boss levels, you can hear some surprisingly hellish sounds inside of Splatoon:

I booted my own copy up, and found that these ambient sounds happen as early as the first boss level. It's possible that these sounds happen throughout every boss battle, but we're not able to make them out thanks to the music + our focus on trying to defeat the enemy. Some people note that they have heard these sounds before the boss battles actually start too.

What I'm wondering is: what exactly is it that we're listening to, here? The metal sounds seem easily explainable. You're underground. It could be, I don't know, pipes or something. But what about the strange moans around the :15 second mark? It sounds like someone, or someTHING is dying. Uh...

People have theories, all of which tie to the lore. The story, as you may recall, involves stealing back sources of energy called "Zapfish" from a species called "Octarians". The Octarian's civilisation isn't doing so hot as result, especially when you consider that their home is falling apart.

"Well this was you pretty much stealing an entire underground civilisation's last source of power," Viking the Shambling noted in the YouTube comments. "Thats falling floating platforms, a train derailing, and near total genocide happening. Splatoon's fucked up."

"It's the Octarian infrastructure failing," drawingablankesq opines. "According to the Sunken Scrolls, the dome is deteriorating rapidly, and these noises are proof of that."

Who knows if these theories are right. I'll tell you one thing though: the sounds are damned eerie.


    kind of how when I finished pikmin that it felt like genocide, of which the characters seem to hold no remorse at the end of the game.

    Creepiest thing is the fact adults play this.

      Saddest thing is "adults" pretending they're too grown-up to have fun.

        Shooting imaginary ink at people is for kids, real men run around shooting imaginary bullets at people!

        "Pew pew, you're dead you Ruski bastard!"
        "Ok, now I get to be the Russian!"

        "I'm not a kid, I'm five and a HALF!"

        Clearly doesn't know how to stay fresh

        Looking forward to Zimmer-frame Racer and Denture Adventure when I'm 70.
        Gotta keep it age appropriate.

      Maybe I'd agree if this were a game where we were just pretending to be kids. However, we're also pretending to be squids, which makes it perfectly fine.

    Reminded of the Polybius arcade machine which makes sounds of long moans and deep ambient tunes.

    Just sounds like generic factory noises in an echoey location to me. Sirens over a long distance, like that huge ass background factory setting can turn a little creepier. Alarms probably since you're "breaking in". Nothing creepy about it IMO

      Maybe in a random game, yes, but the backstory in splatoon is very unambiguously grim.

      I don't doubt this, and Nintendo's been there before in things like majora's mask and chibi robo.

    Just saying, but I found this about 11 days ago.. http://www.reddit.com/r/splatoon/comments/3abmbk/things_to_hear_after_the_final_boss/

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