Splatoon's Splatfest Is Back On For July 4

Briefly: Splatoon's Splatfest event was delayed over "tentacle difficulties," according to Nintendo, but it's back on for July 4, 5pm AEST through to July 5, 4.59pm AEST. During Splatfests, players choose a side and fight for dominance. This week, it's cats vs dogs. (Go dogs!)


    You sure that's for us? The European and American splatfests are separate.

    Same deal for EU region except I think that means it starts at 3am AEST

    This article does not reflect the AU status. Go figure.
    Anyway, here's the post from the AU/NZ official group on FB:

    You may have heard that we've been tinkering around with Splatfests… Well, we're super happy to announce that our first Splatfest is now happening on 5th July at 03:00 AEST for 24 hours!

    Rock vs. Pop, which team will you be in?

    I'm in Rock.

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