Square Announces New Nier Game, With Platinum

Square Announces New Nier Game, With Platinum

I'll take whatever I can get from Platinum Games, you know? But I didn't expect this.

Square Announces New Nier Game, With Platinum

The trailer itself was mostly slow pans over artwork, a way to set the scene for the new game.

Square Announces New Nier Game, With Platinum

Game director Yoko Taro apparently doesn't like to show his face in public either.

Square Announces New Nier Game, With Platinum

GameSpot editor Alexa Ray Corriea explained what we're looking at here:

The game is coming to PS4, there's more info later this year, and it's early in development.


    Day 1 purchase. Yoko Taro is an utter fruit loop but there's something really special about his design

    I missed Nier when it first came out but I've played Drakengard 3 (Which is the prequel to the first game of which Nier follows an alternate ending of) and if it's anything like that with Platinum's combat design added in then I am incredibly keen.

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    @strange: Weren't you saying last week that you wanted a sequel to this? :D

      It's like they're reading my mind!
      I should have also mentioned that I need more Resonance of Fate, huh? :D

        You and @liondrive are magic. You predicted this, he predicted the Quantic Dream games on PS4. <3

          Don't forget the freemium mobile Fallout game! :P
          I predicted that too!

    Hopefully this go around they will have enough time and budget to actually finish the thing properly, unlike Nier.

    But that true ending in Nier! There shouldn't be any more! All the pain for NOTHIIIINNNGGG!

    I love Nier, though I admit the gameplay is what holds the game back. Having Platinum Games in in charge would be really interesting. I loved Bayonetta, but hated Vanquish. I don't even know why I hate Vanquish so much, but it just never clicked with me.

    Here's hoping they can get the same people for the soundtrack, because Nier's soundtrack is absolutely onions to my eyes everytime I listen to it. Damn onions...

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