Square Enix Announces New Hitman 

Square Enix revealed the latest Hitman game at Sony’s press conference, and it’s leading with a digital release that will, in their words, “grow, deepen, and evolve” as time goes on.

There will also be a console beta for this new Hitman game, and the PS4 version will have six exclusive contracts. It sounds like they’re going to release a smaller version of Hitman that becomes bigger and bigger as the months go on, perhaps influenced by what players respond to.

Basically, we don’t know much about this new Hitman yet! Stay tuned. Square Enix has a press conference tomorrow.


  • I hope its better than the last one……..I mean the last one was OK but I only felt the need to play it once really unlike the others where I played through and then I played through a little better and so forth………

    • They took everything that made the hitman series great and pretty much totally ignored it in the last one. I grew up on hitman and loved every release dearly but the last one was mediocre.

      I hope they go back to the roots so to speak… Here is your mission, Here is what you need to know, now get the job done… So many possibilities it kept multiple playthroughs fun. The news articles were really fun from blood money and would like to see them return.

      The story in the last game was decent but a lot of the time due to the story it limited the type of approach you could have. It removed the flair and improvised nature. Older hitmans even after you discovered the multiple ways to kill the enemies it still was fun, being able to go through the level fast and have things timed to the second was really badass.

  • The last one had that bloody score system in it. And quick time. If this new Hitman is going down the same path as the last one, not Blood Money, then I’m out. I won’t even look at gameplays on youtube. What the franchise really needs is the complete freedom in choosing your own assassination types without having to think the slightest bit about ‘scores’ and QTEs.

  • I loved absolution but I recognise it had problems with the disguises and the fixed nature of some levels – but the control setup was great and the open level were some of the most fun I had last generation

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