Square Enix Just Announced Figure Heads, A Five-on-five Online Shooter For PC.

Square Enix just announced Figure Heads, a five-on-five online shooter for PC. No word yet on an international release.


    Anyone else misread the title for a second as "Square Enix Just Announced Five Heads"?

    It's no Splatoon though.

      If I can't be a squid or a kid, I don't wanna hear about it!

    E3 is like, a week away? And they couldn't be bothered to wait until then. I'm skeptical of SqueeNix's faith in this game.

      Fallout and xcom 2 were announced a week before E3 too though...

    Oh wow, how innovative, an online only shooter. Let's ask Evolve or Titanfall how that's going for them. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't released in the West

      There are plenty of online shooters that are still doing well after years, ie Counters strike 1.6, source & GO, TF2 hell i think even tribes is still being played.

      Not sure on what your issue is here lol

        That it's increasingly hard for a new IP to make headway in online shooters. Those games are well established already, people just don't have the time for yet another online shooter as witnessed with the games I mentioned that were hyped up fairly big

          I haven't actually looked at the trailer or anything tbh, but i'm hopefully for online shooters, waiting for R6: Siege to be released and see how that goes.

    I mean, hurrah more mech games... but this looks like arse.

    Also, what the hell was with the anime section in the middle?..

    If each player controls a squad of mechs while piloting one themselves, I can see this being pretty interesting.

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